Calm Before the Storm, Eye of the Storm & Out of the Storm by Janice Dick




Our first book that is recommended comes from Jan Cox of Haliburton, Ontario. Jan actually recommends that we read Janice Dick’s series of three books.



Name of book: Series of three books – Calm Before the Storm, Eye of the Storm, Out of the Storm


Name of author: Janice Dick


Name of publisher: Herald Press


Genre: Historical Fiction


About the book:


The story takes place during the time of the Russian revolution. Janice Dick weaves a saga about a colony of Mennonites and how they are affected during this time period. The characters are real and their emotion is genuine. Their faith percolates through their stories. Dick has done extensive research into this historical era. At the end of the trilogy you will want to know more about the people that you come to know and love.


How did you find out about the book?


I found the books in our church library.


What did you like about it?


I love historical fiction. I never used to like history as I found it dull. But, if you add real people to it, history can be fascinating. I learned a tremendous amount of history and liked it.


Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?


Any reader of fiction would like these stories.


Where can others find it?


It can be found at Amazon or Living Books or Janice’s website.


Any other comments?


When you have read these books, contact Janice and let’s try to convince her to write a sequel.



Thanks for your recommendation, Jan. I enjoy reading historical fiction and look forward to picking up Janice’s books.



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3 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm, Eye of the Storm & Out of the Storm by Janice Dick

  1. I keep hearing good things about this series — really need to track it down and read it! 🙂 My mom always said that historical fiction was the best way to learn history, as it made the stories come alive.

  2. Thanks Kimberley and Jan! This trilogy sounds as though it is right up my alley! I am going to check them out.

    Great idea for a blog Kimberley!

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