One Smooth Stone by Marcia Laycock




Our next book comes from two readers who recommended it on the same day!  Thanks Bonnie Way and Joanna Mallory.



Name of book: One Smooth Stone


Name of author: Marcia Lee Laycock


Name of publisher: Castle Quay Books


Genre:  Religious & Inspirational, Mystery, Suspense


About the book:

Alex Donnelly is happily hiding in the Yukon when a lawyer comes looking for him. Wanting answers about his parents, Alex returns to Seattle with the lawyer. But the answers that he finds send him running back to the Yukon, where he meets another man who is also on the run from God and society. Together, the two of them hide out in the bush, but God is chasing both of them. The ending is both surprising and satisfying.


How did you find out about the book?

 Bonnie (B) – From Marcia herself

 Joanna (J) – I was at the awards ceremony when Marcia won the 2006 Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for the unpublished manuscript of One Smooth Stone – very exciting – and then had to wait until it went to press.


What did you like about it?


B – Alex is a completely likable character, struggling with issues I could totally understand. Marcia takes tough questions and gives a tough look at them—she makes the reader think and wrestle, and I like that. I also enjoyed Marcia’s descriptions of the Yukon.


J – The first chapter (online at hooked me. Vivid, sensory language and a compelling character… I had to read more.



Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?


B – Anyone struggling with tough faith questions and questions of self-worth. Alex had to come to terms with abuse in his past and with finding out that his mother tried to abort him.


J – Benefit most? People with abuse or trauma in their past who don’t think God could possibly care about them. But anyone who enjoys strong characters and vivid settings will enjoy the book.



Where can others find it?


It’s available for order through your local Christian bookstore, or online through the publisher ( or at


Any other comments?


B – Read it!


J – I’m waiting for a sequel! Thanks for starting this blog, Kimberley. Lots of people don’t know how many fine books are available from Canadian authors who are Christian. I’m looking forward to finding some new ones.



Thanks for your comments, Bonnie & Joanna. I took One Smooth Stone with me on holiday and agree with your recommendation!




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