Wonders Never Cease by Phil Callaway

Our next recommended book comes from Marcia Laycock of Blackfalds, Alberta. Marcia recommends that we read Phil Callaway’s book, Wonders Never Cease.


 Wonders Never Cease


Name of book: Wonders Never Cease

Name of author: Phil Callaway

Name of publisher: Harvest House

 Genre: Mystery

 About the book:

Terry is a high school senior in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone else. But sometimes they have it all wrong. This is a story about a boy who becomes a man and discovers what family and faith are really all about.

How did you find out about the book?

I discovered Phil’s writing in Servant Magazine (from Prairie Bible College). He has spoken at the Inscribe conferences and I’ve become a big fan of his work.

What did you like about it?

The book has a wonderful sense of place, and a plot that won’t let you stop reading. The characters are very well drawn as well, the struggles real and the resolution satisfying.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Anyone who enjoys a good read.

Where can others find it?

At any bookstore

Any other comments?

Phil’s non-fiction books are also great. Be sure to look him up at Phil Callaway.

Thanks for your recommendation, Marcia. Phil is one of my own very favourite authors. Imagine my excitement when Phil autographed all his books for me at the Write! Canada conference where he was the keynote speaker.

Phil reminds us that we can find out about his new book Family Squeeze, his “Hair Song,” or get some fruitcake best before 1973 at http://www.laughagain.org


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2 thoughts on “Wonders Never Cease by Phil Callaway

  1. Oh yes, loved this book! Heard Phil speak at a conference and was excited to see he’d published some fiction. There’s two books in the series, both really good.

  2. hello Mr. PHIL,
    recently I found your book: Making Life Rich without any money.. What can I say, I am speechless. I’m just sorry that I have to let the book go for I just borrowed it from my fellow teacher.
    God’s graces be with you always. Your books though I have read only one, I’m sure brought out a difference in the LIVES of your readers.
    Keep the pen up.
    God’s blessings!

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