The Valley of Cancer by Angelina Fast-Vlaar

Bev Wamboldt of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia recommends Angelina Fast-Vlaar’s The Valley of Cancer.


Name of Publisher: Word Alive Press

Genre: Comfort, Hope & God’s Strength

About the Book:

The author has bared her soul as she writes about her cancer diagnosis, her subsequent treatments and their effects on her body, her emotions and her spirit. She begins each chapter with prose and then moves into poetry, sharing her feelings with her reader. In the last chapter, she reflects on her life ten years after cancer. She draws the reader into her intimate thoughts.

How did you find out about this book?

The Word Guild – I attended a workshop where I was fortunate enough to win the door prize, which consisted of about eight books written by Canadian authors, one of which was “The Valley of Cancer”.

What did you like about this book?

I read this book shortly after my husband had walked through “the valley of cancer”. As a spouse, I had journeyed alongside him. The book touched me deeply, often brought tears to my eyes but also warmed and comforted my heart.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Although I think cancer patients and their families would most benefit from this book, I believe it is a good read for anyone. It can give an insight into the barrel of emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatments.

Where can others find it:

Chapters or  Word Alive Press

Any other comments:

This book will touch your heart.

Thanks, Bev. I believe that many people can benefit from this book because of either being touched by cancer themselves or they know someone close who’s been diagnosed with it.


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2 thoughts on “The Valley of Cancer by Angelina Fast-Vlaar

  1. This book touched my heart, my bones, my mind and the deep, deep recesses of my soul. As I journeyed through my own valley of cancer last year, Angelina ministered to me through her words. I know God had her write this book for a thousand reasons and I know one of those reasons included me. I was truly blessed. Thanks for reminding me, Kimberley! x

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