Moving from Fear to Freedom by Grace Fox

Joanna Mallory of Halifax, Nova Scotia recommends Grace Fox’s Moving from Fear to Freedom



 Name of publisher: Harvest House Publishers

 Genre:  Christian living – women’s issues – fears

 About the book:

Grace Fox suggests that there is an upside to fear: it can let us experience more of God in our lives as we cling to Him.

Each chapter takes an honest look at those common fears that could be debilitating: our children’s safety, loss of possessions, hard times, the future, inadequacy, rejection, issues in our past, and aging. Grace introduces us to contemporary women and biblical characters who discovered how trusting and relying on God overcame fear’s effects.

How did you find out about the book?

 The Word Guild

What did you like about it?

The book includes questions to help individuals or groups think through and apply what they’ve read. It also has Scriptures that give God’s perspective on our fears, and Grace shows us how to personalize those same verses in prayer.

It’s these practical steps that make the book so valuable. Personal testimony that other women not only face but can overcome fear is encouraging, but learning how to deal with our own personal fears is liberating. 

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Women who’d like God’s help to find peace instead of fear. Not that a man would dissolve in a puff of smoke if he read it, but the personal stories and examples all come from a female perspective.

Where can others find it?

You can order it at your local bookstore (Christian or mainstream) or online at Grace’s website , or

Any other comments?

I found this a helpful book, easy to read, and one that I’d recommend to others. Different chapters will speak personally to different readers, but the foundation is the same: take the scary step to trust God with our fears. He loves us and He is enough to bring us to freedom.


Thanks for your recommendation, Joanna. This is one book that I’ve already read, but as life changes, so do our fears. It’s worthy of a second (and third and fourth) read!


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