Searching for Yesterday by Valerie Sherrard

Our next recommended book comes from Violet Nesdoly of Langley, B.C. Violet recommends that we read Searching for Yesterday – a Shelby Belgarden Mystery



Name of author: Valerie Sherrard


Name of publisher: Dundurn Press

Genre: Teen fiction


About the book:

When Shelby Belgarden decides to put a little muscle into befriending loner classmate Annie Berkley, she doesn’t realize they’re headed for some dangerous territory. As the girls try to solve the mystery of why Annie’s mom walked out on her when she was a kid, numerous ghosts from the past appear and we’re in for some tense moments.


Searching for Yesterday is about friendship as much as solving the puzzle. These typical teens savor their independence as much as any, yet the book remains respectful toward parents and other adults. It’s not written from an outspokenly Christian point of view, but the family reacts to a hospital chaplain, who prays for them, with appreciation.



How did you find out about the book?

Through Valerie Sherrard’s name being on the list of the 2009 Write! Canada Conference faculty.



What did you like about it?

It was an interesting story and I liked the characters. They were nice kids without the chips on their shoulders towards parents and adults that one sometimes sees in teen characters. 


Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Teens and writers looking for a model of a nicely crafted teen mystery.


Where can others find it?

Public library (at least that’s where I found it)


Any other comments?

I was also surprised at how unplugged the characters were. The kids had a cell phone but not much else. I guess one doesn’t have to be an online expert to connect with teens – at least in a story. 



Thanks for your recommendation, Violet. It’ll be great to buy the book and have it personally autographed at Write! Canada this year!



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