Thy Maker is Thy Husband by Martha Nighswander

Ruth Smith Meyer of Listowel and Ailsa Craig recommends Thy Maker is Thy Husband by Martha Nighswander
Name of publisher: CMO Publications

Genre: Inspirational
About the book:

The author maintains that for those singles who wonder if it is possible to find satisfying fulfillment and joy or if they must endure loneliness for the rest of their lives, the Bible does have answers to their deepest questions. The writer’s personal study was such a life-changing inspiration, encouragement and blessing that she wanted to share it with others.  Nighswander asks the reader to consider that every aspect of marriage and married life is symbolic of something we are superbly privileged to experience in our relationship with Christ. The reader will be motivated to discover they are joined in holy bonds to Someone.

How did you find out about the book? 

From the writer, a conservative Mennonite who has struggled through life issues in a restricted community, but has made some great strides in accepting her singleness and finding ways to be of service.

What did you like about it? 

You can sense some real soul-searching and digging into the Word to find answers for a deep longing that most of us experience, but especially so, those who have not had the privilege of having a life-partner. Although written primarily for singles and there are some distinctive beliefs that come through, Thy Maker is Thy Husband has a lot of good insight for every Christian.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book? 

Those who struggle with singleness, but also those who desire to deepen their walk with Christ.

Where can others find it?

From the writer: Martha Nighswander, Box 26 Barwick, ON Canada, P0W 1A0 and in some Christian Book stores. ISBN 978-0-9784395-1-1


Thanks for your recommendation, Ruth. This sounds like an interesting book to gain insight into the blessings of single life.



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