Parenting with Purpose by Margaret Buchanan

I’d like to recommend Parenting with Purpose – 12 Biblical Traits to Prepare Kids for Life by Margaret Buchanan


Name of publisher: Baker Books

 Genre: How-to

 About the Book:

Parenting with Purpose gives parents practical, as well as new and fun ways to apply biblical principles to raising children. Buchanan uses the character traits the New Testament recommends for church leaders as the basis of the study. She encourages parents to focus on developing true character in their children rather than simply controlling external behaviour. She offers helpful suggestions including tips under such headings as, “Help! My child is lying,” “Expanding your family’s hospitality horizons” and “When children hit.”

  How did you find out about the book?

 Through The Word Guild

What did you like about it?

Margaret Buchanan’s passion for this subject is evident. She shows how biblical qualities relate to the stuff of real life like taming emotions, taking blame, choosing chastity pursuing gentleness, and demonstrating holiness.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

All parents, and even grandparents, can use these principles to apply biblical truths to their own life and so model Christian living. It’s a book for parents with children of all ages, from toddlers to young adults.

 Where can others find it?

Ask for it at your local bookstore, or look for it in the church library. Also can be found at or Barnes & Noble.

Any other comments?

The book includes quick facts and statistical information. Each chapter ends with questions for further reflection and discussion.



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One thought on “Parenting with Purpose by Margaret Buchanan

  1. I read this quite a while ago now, but I remember it being really helpful.

    Here’s a snippet from a review I did: “Margaret Buchanan builds solidly on her scriptural foundation, with practical ideas and gentle humour. Each trait is illustrated with examples from Biblical and modern times, and concludes with a “Ready, Aim…” section and discussion questions equipping parents to apply what they’ve learned. One of the surprise bonuses of the book—and why it works—is that it really begins with the parent. I found myself first applying the lessons to my own life, then looking to shape my children.”

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