Vengeance by Donna Dawson

Nikki Rottenberg: R.S.W. of Dundas, Ontario recommends “Vengeance” by Donna Dawson.

Donna Dawson - Vengeance

Name of publisher: Word Alive Press

Genre: Novel

About the book:

People on a cruise ship begin to die. Whatever is killing them leaves their bodies in a horrible state. Fears of an unknown virus grips those on board. As one person after another succumbs to their ill fate, some common threads begin to appear in the way they died and in their connection with each other. 

This intriguing murder mystery is powerfully written both in its story line and strong faith message. Unexpected twists keep the reader captivated and wanting to turn the pages. Donna has a wonderful knack for making the characters come alive. Her ability to paint vivid details makes reading ‘Vengeance’ seem more like watching a video clip than simply reading a book. Characters and scenes are depicted so clearly, the reader can easily imagine the story as it unfolds.

As the story reveals the intention of the ones involved in the murders and follows the FBI agent who is investigating the crimes, the reader becomes caught up in unravelling the mystery right up to its surprising ending.    

I highly recommend this book for everyone who loves a good mystery novel that has a bit of romance sprinkled in and a story line that will captivate and intrigue the reader. 

How did you find out about the book?

Donna’s website.

What did you like about it?

Vivid details that pulled me into the story, made the characters come to life and kept my attention

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Anyone who loves murder mysteries with a bit of romance

Where can others find it?  

 Donna Dawson’s website, Amazon, Christian Bookstores

Thanks for your recommendation, Nikki. Did you know that Vengeance was chosen as Canada’s Best Christian Contemporary Fiction Book and Canada’s Best Christian Independently Published Fiction Book The Word Guild’s writing contest. Way to go, Donna!




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One thought on “Vengeance by Donna Dawson

  1. I read Vengeance a few weeks ago and literally could not put it down. What a blast! Donna kept me guessing until the very last moment. It was one of those books that you wish were 3,000 pages long so that you could luxuriate in the world and the characters Donna created. Not since the Poseidon Adventure have I had this gut feeling–much to my wife’s annoyance–that I never want to take a cruise as long as I live! Well done, Donna!

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