Christianus Sum by Shawn J. Pollett

Eric E. Wright of Salem, Ontario recommends Christianus Sum by Shawn J. Pollett

 Shawn Pollett-Christianus Sum

Name of publisher: Word Alive Press

Genre: Historical fiction

About the book:

Christianus Sum is a compelling story set in AD 249, a time when corruption and incompetence threatened the stability of the Roman Empire and ravenous barbarian hordes began to tear at its weakened frontiers. A new emperor, Decius, comes to power determined to annihilate the Christians whom he blames for the deterioration in the Empire’s fortunes. His henchman in this atrocity is Valerianus, a ruthless and depraved North African landowner.

Against the background of this maelstrom of forces, Pollett sketches a vivid picture of the life and trials of Christians in these waning days of the Empire. Damarra, a beautiful slave girl in Valerianus’ household finds herself attracting her master’s lust while she, herself, is being drawn to Christ. Meanwhile, Julius Valens, a widowed and respected senator whom Valerianus hates, is captivated by her.

Christianus Sum is a powerful and gripping story full of plot thrusts with an authentic setting and strong characters. The story does not lag nor does the romance overpower a story that reads as powerfully authentic.

How did you find out about the book?  

At the June The Word Guild Awards ceremony

What did you like about it?

I appreciated the balance of plot and character development combined with fascinating descriptions of life at this time. It was well written. A good read. Highly recommended.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Both Christian and general readers of fiction

Where can others find it?

Through Word Alive Press  , Christian bookstores or Amazon

Any other comments?

I approached this book with some skepticism and a masculine aversion to historical romances. I was also concerned lest the story suffer from a heavy-handed dose of Christian jargon. The book won me over.

Thanks for the recommendation, Eric! I’m discovering that historical fiction is one of my favourite reads, so I’ll have to pick up my own copy of this book.



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