Make Love Make War by Brian Doerksen

Joyce Harback or Calgary recommends Make Love, Make War: NOW is the time to worship by Brian Doerksen  
Brian Doerksen - Make Love Make War
Name of publisher: David C Cook

Genre: Non-fiction, devotional, how-to

About the book:
A collection of stories behind some of the greatest worship choruses ever written out of the author’s walk with God and study of God’s word. Additional how-to and other helps are given at the end of each chapter for songwriters. This book shares an intimate look into how great music is born out of knowing God, being still before Him and learning to walk with Him through the crisis and the mundane.

How did you find out about the book?

I was asked to write a profile on Brian Doerksen for Maranatha News and my editor arranged for me to receive a preview copy of his book. The article about Brian and the book is scheduled to appear in December.

What did you like about it?  

It has become one of my most treasured reading experiences. True stories of Doerksen’s life experience are woven into thought provoking challenges to our current Christian status-quo. It is genuine, transparent, inspirational and God-focused. Reading this book draws me closer to God and ignites my desire to know Him for who He is.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Songwriters. Worship leaders. Writers. Artists. Pastors.

Where can others find it?

Christian retailers or online (Amazon,

Any other comments?

Brian Doerksen at age 44 is a multi-award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter/author/pastor. More than 85 of his original songs are listed with CCLI and sung around the world. He lives in Abbotsford BC with his wife and six children, two of whom have special needs. His hope is “that when people remember what they saw and heard of God in my life and my songs they’ll see that he became greater and I became less.” (quote from, accessed November 12, 2009).

Thanks for the recommendation, Joyce! Music has an ability to move us in ways that nothing else can. This book sounds like a great way to learn about the man behind the music.




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