Deliverance from Jericho by Bruce Atchison

Corey Parker of Arlington, VA recommends Deliverance from Jericho (Six Years in a Blind School) by Bruce Atchison

Name of publisher: self-published

Genre: memoir

About the book:
The joys and tribulations of a legally blind child surviving in a Canadian institution for blind children

How did you find out about the book?
I began corresponding with the author through a Google writers’ group

What did you like about it?
The author has a plainspoken, matter-of-fact style that is nevertheless gripping and always engaging, pulling at your emotions while making you laugh

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?
Anyone who knows a partially sighted or blind individual or wants to imagine what life would be like for such a person; also, people interested in government education and institutions

Where can others find it?
At Bruce’s website

Thanks for the recommendation, Corey! Sounds like a very interesting book.

Liesel Spicer adds:

Bruce Atchison shares very vulnerably about his childhood experiences while attending a school for sight-impaired children. He portrays his experiences with various teachers throughout the years, illustrating the significant input adults have in children’s lives. On the unfortunately rare occasions that Bruce had a caring adult showing time and interest in his life, he responded to that as the body responds to nourishment. In contrast, the times where adults were not actively involved in the children’s lives in a positive way, the effects were devastating, contributing to restrictions of individual learning processes and perceptions of self-unimportance. As adults reading this book, it should emphasize the importance of pouring life into those around us and the relative simplicity of doing this through significant acts of love and kindness…through upbuilding words, simple acknowledgements of individual characteristics or circumstances, gentle acceptance of the growing process through mistakes, or with gifts as simple
as a Kraft caramel.


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