Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat

Bonnie Way of Alberta recommends Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat


Name of publisher: Oolichan Press

Genre: Literary

About the book:

Heather is a university student and a single mom trying to give her new baby daughter up for adoption—until her mom runs off with the baby. As Heather chases Lynn out to their family holiday spot on Quadra Island, both Heather and Lynn must deal with their feelings about the baby and try to make the best choices for the baby’s future.


How did you find out about the book?

I’m a fan of Betty Jane’s books.

What did you like about it?

There was no easy answer; both sides of the debate are given equal attention and it’s easy to see that this is a tough choice. I also loved the characters. Betty Jane excels at creating realistic characters, at weaving their pasts into their present choices, at helping us understand them and their decisions.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

 Moms, anyone who’s struggled with this issue.

Where can others find it? 

Audrey’s Books in Edmonton, Amazon online, Chapters Indigo online, Pages on Kensington and Virgin Books in the Calgary Airport (see Betty Jane’s website at

Any other comments?

Check out Betty Jane’s other books!


Thanks for the recommendation, Bonnie! This sounds like an informative and entertaining novel.



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One thought on “Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat

  1. Thanks, Bonnie and Kim. Coming across comments about my books is liking bumping into someone who knows my kids and tells me what fine people I’ve raised. 🙂
    For my part, I’m indebted to good readers! Without an audience, why would I tell stories?

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