Stellar Reviews of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Faith Today January/February 2012

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit
Editors N. J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles
That’s Life! Communications, 2011
336 pages. $19.99

Some books surprise you with their ability to take your breath away. This anthology is such a book: 51 short pieces—fiction, non-fiction, poetry and even a play — written by 37 members of The Word Guild, a Canadian organization of writers, editors, publishers and speakers who are Christian.
 I was impressed with the honesty and transparency, especially in the true stories. We meet a host of fellow Canadians – our neighbours! – whose lives are as unpredictable as our own. A mother of young children gets a diagnosis of cancer. A 36-year-old magazine editor has a stroke. A man who was forced to take early retirement asks what’s next? A woman prays for patience and a few days later breaks her back. A man tries to surprise his wife with a five-day bathroom renovation. What binds all the pieces together is a cord of faith as we see how God is involved in the very real circumstances of life.
 The book wonderfully reflects Canada’s mosaic population with pieces from First Nations to home-born Canadians to immigrants, young to old, urban to rural. Though the writing styles are varied, the book was skillfully edited to preserve the individual voices while providing a smooth read.
 The short selections make this a perfect book for even indifferent readers. It would be a fabulous addition to an office waiting room, your bedside table, briefcase, backpack or purse. But be sure to buy more than one, for you will probably have the urge to share this gem of a collection with others. More details on this book and the preceding one at
—Violet Nesdoly


Maranatha News November/December 2011

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit
List Price: $19.99
ISBN # 978-0978496319
Publisher: That’s Life! Communications
Review by: Laura J. Davis

 A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is a delightful anthology full of heart-warming stories, poems and memoirs from over 30 Canadian authors.
 Editors N. J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles knew what they were doing when they picked the stories for this book. There wasn’t one story in the entire anthology that didn’t touch me in some way. The sequel to the best-selling Hot Apple Cider, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider features more than 50 heart-stirring stories.
 Distinctly Canadian, the authors have bared their souls, giving the reader the perfect book to snuggle up to that will resonate in your spirit for a very long time.

Get your copy today!


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