A Tumbled Stone by Marcia Laycock

Andrea Calvert had to run away. She couldn’t stay on the farm, shaming her parents . She couldn’t face being pregnant and alone. She would take care of this on her own.  As she struggles to make life-changing decisions, Andrea discovers a diary and the wrenching story about her family’s dysfunction. But is Andrea’s life at risk at Evie’s Diner?

BIOGRAPHY, MARCIA LEE LAYCOCK – Award-wining Canadian Author/Speaker
Marcia’s writing began in the attic of her parents’ home where she wrote poetry and short stories for her dolls. She says they never complained so she kept it up. Since those humble beginnings, her work has been published in magazines, newspapers and anthologies in both Canada and the U.S. and has been broadcast on radio across Canada. Marcia’s work also appears frequently on the world wide web. She currently writes a weekly devotional column, The Spur, which appears in publications across Canada and goes out by e-mail to more than 4,000 readers each week. Marcia’s fiction and non-fiction has won many prizes, garnering praise from notable Christian writers like Janette Oke, Mark Buchanan, Phil Callaway and Sigmund Brouwer. She has published two devotional books and in 2006 won the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone, which was published by Castle Quay Books.

A Tumlbed Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock, the long-awaited sequel to One Smooth Stone, is now available on Amazon. Purchase either the hard copy or ebook and then go to Marcia’s blog – www.writer-lee.blogspot.ca to find out how to get your freebies! Marcia was the winner of The Best New Canadian Christian Author Award when One Smooth Stone was released and I know A Tumbled Stone will not disappoint.

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