The Lighthouse of Asaph: Unforgettable Christian Reflections by Roberto Ornan Roche


The Lighthouse of Asaph, by Roberto O. Roche —stories that capture the emotions and longings of a Cuban’s heart—the deep issues of Christian faith in a society that does not encourage a life of faith. “These stories are my attempt to make sense of life, to save my sanity, to reconcile faith and reality…. writing was my way of reviving faith and finding meaning in life.”
“’The Lighthouse of Asaph’ is borne out of the grist of life—my fears and sadness. The fear of the annual hurricanes with the power to destroy my home and family; the power to uproot the precious trees my father planted. Those trees were my only connection to my loving father, taken too soon. The sadness of dreams and aspirations burned to ashes time after time. The sadness of praying for miracles and seeing them happen for the undeserving, but having no evidence of a miracle for myself. That is, until I realized that I was in the miracle, a part of it. I was too close to recognize it; I was looking for the wrong evidence!”
“With the blessing and support of a pastor from the Dominican Republic, I put these stories together in hopes that through sharing my writing, you would be built up in your faith and encouraged to find meaning in your circumstances.”

An excerpt:

The Perfect Story
By Roberto Ornan Roche
They wanted the “perfect” story, without miracles and without churches, so that sin did not seem so bad, nor the Christians so good; where the suffering one, the abandoned one, and the ordinary one did not count. A story to give meaning to the vanity of the World and to open the doors equally to all the experiences.
They wanted clearly understood the reason why evil covers and overcomes good so easily; the reason why the man who has abandoned his wife can hardly remember her affection, her tender care, and her love without measure; and while she is thinking that she is present in his mind, she is for him only a vagrant and uncomfortable memory that never appears in the most meritorious moments of the day.
They wanted a story full of peace and harmony; with a God who does not abide by all His promises; and with many children who claim not to believe in Him; but with capable men who are willing to substitute Him with their songs.
They intended a story of long roads without shade, all of them built by man’s hands and with the blood of others, they also intended to step on the grass without noticing the dead butterflies. They thought the forbidden fruit would be a trophy, and the mantle of iniquity that human beings take inside would be similar to their own freedom.
They imagined a story where sinners and their blasphemies were applauded and fully accepted because there are always new rights to conceive. A story of new experiences, without prodigal children, which never forgives the past, and follows a new road without looking backwards. A story where errors did not count and they were taken as lived experiences.
They wanted a story without tears or pain, without cancer, without thorns or angels.
They wanted a story without me, without my brethren, without regrets or redemption; a story without Heaven.
They wanted a “perfect” story, without Psalms, a Godless eternity, but they only had the story of the Saviour who died on the cross of the Calvary, and they did not really like that story very much.


Roberto Ornan Roche is a Christian writer from Cuba. In 1995 he won a prize for his text “Sand in my Eyes.” Starting from the 2004 his texts have been published in national magazines of different Christian denominations in Cuba, such as the case of the titles “Jesús”, “One Vessel Forever”, “Sand in my Eyes” and “The Perfect Story”. In 2009, the author has the purpose of making his stories well-known internationally, just like “The Perfect Story”, his English version, is being published and printed in U.S. by In Touch Magazine (more than a million copies and translated to several languages), also in Living Stones News and the new publication in Spanish “Piedras Vivas”

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