Marcia Lee Laycock’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Dancing in the Kitchen

Page 217

My daughters were thrilled when they learned their grandmother had been a dancer. How could I tell them that since her stroke had disabled her she would not be able to teach them how to tapdance?

An excerpt from the chapter

For my daughters, the old photos were an introduction to extended family. They pointed, and giggled. Katie peered at a photo of three young girls, about 11 or 12 years old. My mother, the girl in the middle, wore a pokadot blouse, short skirt and tap shoes adorned with big bows. Her short hair was gelled into kiss-curls on her forehead and cheeks.

I didn’t disturb Katie as she studied the picture. When she looked up, her eyes were hopeful. “Do you think she could teach us to dance?”

Marcia Laycock Bio

Marcia’s writing has won awards in Canada and the U.S. Her devotionals are distributed to thousands and her novel, One Smooth Stone, won the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award from Castle Quay Books and The Word Guild. The sequel, A Tumbled Stone was just released. Marcia is also a sought-after speaker for women’s events.

Why did you write it?

This is a true story about an incident that happened when my daughters were small. I wrote it to express what I felt about my mother in that  moment when her strength of spirit shone through.

Visit Marcia at her website.

Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


Chapters Indigo


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