Two Scoops of Grace by Jeanette Levillie

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Embarrassing Moments

It’s a blessing that I don’t embarrass easily, because I often fill my days with ditzyness.  I never took a class in Ditzyness, it just comes along with the red hair. So, I’m okay with it. I like myself. I even laugh at my own jokes, whether you join in or not.

A few times in my life, though, I have been terribly humiliated. Once it concerned farm machinery.

When we relocated to Illinois from Los Angeles, I knew nothing about farming. I thought a corncrib was a baby bed made from corncobs. The first time I saw bales of hay in a field, I asked what those huge round ‘thingies’ were.  And I could not figure out why all the roads had ditches on either side!

While working at the front desk of Citizens Bank one smoky October day shortly after moving here, I noticed a young mother with her small son. He couldn’t have been older than three. Clutching a brightly painted farm toy, he inched over to my desk when I spoke to him. I like kids, especially other peoples’, so he must have sensed a friend in me.

As we talked, he wheeled his beloved farm toy around my pencil holder, over my photo frames and my down my monitor. I imagined him falling asleep that night with his sweaty little fingers hugging the toy’s bright green belly.

Running out of conversation topics, I looked down at his toy and remarked, “I like your tractor.” It seemed like a kind, friendly thing to say in the middle of a kind, friendly talk. So, I was unprepared when the pride of fifty-seven generations of farming family exploded from this indignant three-year-old: “It’s not a tractor, it’s a combine!”

Opening my mouth to make a witty retort, I managed only a wimpy “Oh, really?”  All my city smarts and computer knowledge were worthless when it came to identifying a farm toy. I had been bested by a preschooler! He tromped off to find his mom, no doubt muttering, “What kind of grownup is she?”

I would have quit right then if I wasn’t so used to my paycheck. Or at least gone home with a paper sack over my head. The best I could do was hope to never again see Mr. “It’s-Not-A-Tractor.”

What a relief to know the lovely place I’m living forever has no embarrassment in it. My personal theory is that we will spend the first fifty trillion years looking at DVD’s of everyone’s life— with all the bad parts edited out. We will only view the victories.

No mistaken identity of farm equipment. No sins. No poverty, sickness, or fear. The King and the Lamb banished all those on Resurrection morning.

What abounds there are only the loving, faithful things we’ve done. Every word spoken in comfort and encouragement. Kind, unselfish acts. Pointing people in the right direction. The examples of integrity and hard work we’ve set for our kids. Forgiveness of our enemies. Sacrifice of time and riches. Grace. Healing. Joy. The only true utopia.

If you’re not sure how to get there, please ask me how. I promise, I won’t be a bit embarrassed to tell you.

Since beginning her writing career, Jeanette Levellie has published hundreds of articles, columns, stories, greeting card verses, and poems. Her debut book. Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top, which released in April, collected dazzling accolades:
“Jen’s quick wit and snappy humor belies the depth of her message. Those who hear her encouraging words will go away refreshed and renewed in their vision, ready to tackle that next task along their journey.”
— Diana Flegal/ Literary Agent, Hartline Literary Agency
“Jeanette’s writing can best be described as bi-polar: one minute you’re laughing at her comical observations on life and the next reeling with conviction from her spiritual lessons. But no need for psychotropic drugs. Just enjoy her wit and wisdom in this delightful, habit-forming book!”
—James N. Watkins, award-winning author and humorist
“Jeanette Levellie is truly the Erma Bombeck of Christian writers. Her many humorous anecdotes drive home a serious message: God in his grace loves and accepts each of us unconditionally through Jesus Christ. Two Scoops of Grace will bring a smile (or ten, or fifty) to your face and encouragement to your heart.”
—Dean Christensen, Director, Office of Advising Services, California State University, Fresno, author, copyeditor, and voiceover talent
The milk-out-the-nose funny stories woven with insights from Levellie’s relationship with God helped the book rise to #1 on Amazon in its category several times. Readers also delight in the ten original drawings by the author’s son, a professional animator.
Jeanette lives with her husband, Kevin and four children in cat suits in Paris, IL.  She’s working on her next book, The Heart of Humor, a compilation of funny stories and short essays on how laughter helps us manage our messes.
Reach Mrs. Levellie at her website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and Stumble Upon.

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  1. Thanks, Kimberly, for the shout-out! I’m excited about what God is doing with Two Scoops, and it’s an honor to be your guest. I hope many of your readers take advantage of the freebies they can get today.

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