Janet Sketchley’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

The Road Trip That Wasn’t

Page 139

The Road Trip that Wasn’t shares what happened when a summer road trip left me stranded on the side of a Nova Scotian highway with a broken-down car, three young children, and no cell phone.

This is how the adventure started:

You can’t give a car more power by gripping the steering wheel and willing it to keep going. Clenching your stomach muscles doesn’t help either.

I tried anyway, and tromped the accelerator pedal to the mat. The engine roared and I prayed it wouldn’t blow. Our station wagon inched up the hill. At the crest, I eased back on the gas. Going down felt relatively normal and we were okay on the flat stretch, but I knew we couldn’t make another climb.

Forget reaching our destination; I’d settle for the nearest service station. But we were on a highway 40 minutes south-west of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I knew we weren’t even close to the next community. Ahead loomed a steeper hill than the last, where the two-lane highway widened to make a third lane for overtaking slow-hauling trucks on the incline. A few trucks had passed us on the last hill.

Janet Sketchley’s Bio

Janet Sketchley is an east coast Canadian writer working to break into print in novel-length fiction. In the mean time, she writes weekly book reviews, devotionals and features on her blog, Tenacity.

Why Did I Write It?

God’s presence makes a difference in the day-to-day struggles, and I believe it’s important to notice His care and to share our stories. This is one of mine, and writing it was my way of saying “Thank You” and of offering encouragement to others.

Links to Author’s Site

Tenacity website



Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


Chapters Indigo


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