N. J. Lindquist’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Twenty-five Years Later

Page 81

Twenty-five Years Later” is a glimpse into the life of Mariane Klein, a reserved, forty-seven-year-old former missionary who reluctantly agrees to attend a weekend reunion with three college roommates. The weekend ends up being life-changing.


“What was I thinking?” Since Mariane Klein was alone in the rented Ford Taurus, her words drifted in the air with no hope of response. Alfred and Merlin, the German shepherds she’d adopted from a rescue shelter, were back in Regina being spoiled by her next-door neighbour.

“Lord, I just want to turn around and pretend something came up. Some kind of emergency—maybe one of the dogs could have puppies.” She sighed. Right. Both dogs are male. Anyway, there was no use trying; she’d never been able to lie with even a modicum of conviction. But now might be a good time to try.

Just the thought of the weekend ahead made her queasy. Four women, all in their late forties, getting together for an entire weekend after 25 years of silence… Why, oh why, had she agreed?

It had been Charlie’s idea, of course. Charlie, short for Charlene, the petite blonde sparkplug whose mind had always overflowed with ideas. Tall, mocha-skinned Drew would coolly evaluate Charlie’s ideas and choose the best of them. Then ponytailed Tess, the youngest member of a large Italian family, would put on her brown-rimmed glasses, flesh out the ideas, and see that they were carried out.

And Mariane? The Mariane of old was a dumpy, mousey-haired, tongue-tied nobody who nervously went along with whatever the others decided, grateful to be included, daily expecting the others would suggest she find new friends….

After graduation, all four of them got busy with life, and they lost touch… until a few weeks ago, when Tess had found Mariane on Facebook. Truth be told, when Mariane had seen a “Friend Request” from someone named Tess Stratton, she’d almost ignored it. But something made her take a closer look at the photo, and she’d realized with a start that Tess Stratton was actually Tess Luciani, all grown up and presumably married.

Mariane’s heart had sunk to the vicinity of her toes. Those college days were so long ago; she had no desire to remember them, much less recreate them. But to refuse to acknowledge Tess, who had always been kind to her, would be like slapping Arthur or Merlin for jumping up to greet her when she came home after a trip. There are some things you just can’t do.

After a quick prayer (Oh, Lord, stop me if this is a mistake), Mariane had closed her eyes and hit “Confirm.”

N. J. Lindquist’s Bio

N. J. Lindquist is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker who loves seeing people freed from the hurts of their past and empowered to serve God joyfully and effectively. She is the author of 10 books and co-editor of the Hot Apple Cider series.

Why did I write it?

For the first book, I wrote two true personal experience stories. Since I’m better known as a novelist, I decided that for the second book I needed to write fiction. I decided to set my story in Winnipeg (I’m originally from Manitoba) and to put four women who hadn’t seen each other for 25 years together and see what happened. The result is a tear-jerker which gets me every time I read it.

Links to Author’s Sites

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Links to where readers can buy the book

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2 thoughts on “N. J. Lindquist’s chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

  1. NJ Lindquist is a great writer, and has given her heart and soul in producing Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. I highly recommend that you consider picking up a copy for your friends and family for Christmas.

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