Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

Interview with Janis Cox

1. When did you start writing? 

As a child I always wrote little notes, poems and did puppet plays. During my teaching career I continued to write – proposals, lesson plans, workshops, report cards. However, after I rededicated my life to Christ in 2001, I found that during my journaling time I wrote poems. Not sure what to do with these poems, I prayed and was led to The Word Guild‘s Write! Canada Conference. My life has continued to be a learning curve both spiritually and as a writer.

2. What is your inspiration?

Every morning I read the Bible and journal my thoughts and feelings. Out of this comes ideas and inspiration.

3. What time of day do you write?

I usually write in the morning from 6 – 8 am.

4. Do you have a job or do you write full-time?

I don’t have a “paying job” as I am retired but I do volunteer work at the Pregnancy Care Centre in my town. I lead Bible Studies. I am secretary to our community association.

5. What types of writing do you do?

So far I have written devotionals, a Bible study, and articles in magazines. I have written a children’s story called Tadeo Turtle.

6. What is your favourite book?

I have so many favourite books that it is hard to choose – In nonfiction, I think I would say any book by John Ortberg. In fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed The Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers. But, as you will read below I have trouble picking one book. Usually the last book I have read or the one I am reading is my favourite.

7. Who is your favourite author?

Lynn Austin, a Christian author who writes fiction and historical fiction, has become my favourite. She has written Chronicles of the Kings Series, and Refiner’s Fires Series. As well she has stand alone fiction, of which A Woman’s Place and Hidden Places are just two. But, I also have to say that I love Linda Hall’s books and Donna Dawson’s Vengeance was excellent. I was enthralled by Janice Dick’s series and have asked her to continue the saga. More recently I have read many of The Word Guild authors and these books are excellent. Oh, there are just too many good books!

8. What writer’s groups do you belong to?

I belong to The Word Guild and Inscribe.

9. What was a highlight of your writing career?

The highlight has to be getting my first book, Tadeo Turtle, published. But along the way it has been the people I meet; the opportunities to pray; and following where God leads.

10. What was your most embarrassing moment (as a writer)?

I haven’t had one yet.


11. What’s on the horizon for your next venture?

Janet Stobie, Kimberley Payne and myself have started a new blog, Family & Faith Matters – Equipping Moms for Faithful Living.You’re invited to visit weekly as we feature articles on topics of interest to moms including money, creativity and crafts, fitness and health, prayer, time management, and education.


Janis Cox’s Bio

During retirement, Janis, (a retired elementary schoolteacher) has learned to love writing and painting. Janis and her husband have three grown children and enjoy reading and playing with their many grandchildren. Her new book, Tadeo Turtle, has been released fall 2012. Contact her at authorjaniscox@gmail.com.






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