Gloria V. Phillips chapter in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

Seeing the Heart of God

Page 132

Seeing the Heart of God is a personal account of the way God worked in my life following the loss of our son. Though not taken from us by death, our son was absent from our lives for more than a decade. During that time we did not know where he was or even if he was alive.


I set the cardboard box on the table in front of me, then sit down and take a moment to compose myself before opening it. Inside are pictures of my son. I’m fortunate to have these. One day when Elliot was 22, he destroyed every picture he could find of himself. More than two decades of our family photos burned to ashes in only a few hours. I have these few photos of my son only because I had tucked some pictures of my family away in my bedroom a few weeks before, planning to get them made into a video. My hand trembles as I lift the lid.

Gloria V  Phillips photo

Gloria Phillips’s Bio

Gloria V. Phillips is an avid genealogist who wrote two nonfiction books before turning her hand to historical fiction. Her talents as a researcher are reflected in novels chronicling two generations, starting with the journey of a child immigrant to Canada in the early 1900s (part of the child migration scheme which brought more than 100,000 children to Canada to work). When not occupied with writing and speaking engagements, Gloria works as office manager in a church office.

Why did I write it?

I thought that my story could bring hope to others who were going through similar experiences. The world is full of hurting people – people who have stopped hoping. I wanted them to know that they are never alone and that no matter how deep their pain is, God’s love is deeper. He knows our pain because he hurts when his children go astray just like we do when our kids stray.

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Gloria Phillips’ website

Links to where readers can buy the book

That’s Life Communications


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