Dancing Softly by Nikki Rosen

Dancing Softly book cover

Dancing Softly is a story of hope and overcoming. It’s a story about the resilience of the human spirit and the touch of a gentle God.

Sixteen-year-old Jamie DeSouza runs away from home to escape from years of sexual and emotional abuse. Living on the streets of Toronto, she survives the only way she knows how – by becoming tough, hard, angry…a fighter. When her freedom is taken away, Jamie finds herself locked in a psychiatric ward where she struggles to maintain hope.

Caught in the mental health system, Jamie is stripped of her dignity and even basic human rights. It’s in that dark place she learns to fight back in ways that ultimately free her. The people Jamie meets along the way teach her that dancing softly in life is far more powerful than the use of violence.

“A powerful story of hope and courage that shows us nothing is impossible to overcome….” Melvina Walter, Executive Director of The Halton Women’s Centre

“Dancing Softly is an insight into the hearts and minds of people who struggle with mental illness. I couldn’t put it down.” Sasha Stevenson

“A great read indeed! Dancing Softly restores faith and inspires hope.
It encourages everyone to let their inner light shine. It’s a message we need to aspire to every day!” Savina Rotella

“Dancing Softly provides a window into the lives of far too many young women and girls. The hope generated by this story is so encouraging.”
Kim Pate: Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies & Part-Time Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa


Nikki Rosen uses her writing to empower others to reach for their best.
Her book, In the Eye of Deception won The Word Guild Award and received an Honourable Mention for The Grace Irwin Award. She has won a number of short story contests and has been published in various anthologies and magazines.
To read more reviews, see the video trailer and purchase a book, go to Write2Empower or you can download a copy on Amazon.ca or Kobo.com



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