Reimagine Your Retirement: How to Live Life to its Fullest and Leave a Lasting Legacy by Joyce Li


Reimagine Your Retirement



“Some self-help books present valuable life-changing information; some challenge readers to depart on an intellectual journey of discovery; some capture the imagination with winning prose; others point beyond the human reality and centre on the Eternal. Reimagine Your Retirement succeeds on all levels.”
~Ray Wiseman, award-winning author, speaker, mentor

Do you worry about your future finances and health?
Do you struggle to find meaningful living?
Do you have a nagging dream that has yet to come true?


Imagine being in love with yourself and others, enjoying what you do, and living life to the full. Whether you are looking for work, starting a new career, launching a business, going back to school or simply enjoying leisure, Reimagine Your Retirement will equip you to unleash your full potential. Step by step, Joyce strolls as a companion alongside as you redefine your retirement and living your better half of life.

Book Trailer


Joyce Li


Who is Joyce

Joyce is a mother of four grown children, a wife to Philip for 31 years, counsellor, professional project manager, teacher, motivational speaker and author. Yes, she juggles all these roles at the same time. She holds degrees in business administration and counselling. Her favorite pastime is writing comfortably from her kitchen laptop, occasionally admiring her pine trees as she takes a moment to reflect on life. Joyce lives in Brampton, ON, Canada.


Watch Joyce at TEDx Childhood Dream to Reality
For full media kit and interview questions



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