3D Success – Changing Careers in Mid Life by Linda Wegner

3D Success

Book Bio

I was born and raised in New Westminster, B.C., the eldest of five children. My mother and grandparents loved God and they taught me that nothing is more important than knowing Him. It was through them and the influence of my Sunday School teacher at Sapperton Baptist Church that I committed my heart and life to Jesus Christ.

My husband, Ed, and I have been married since 1968 and blessed with two sons, their wives and our three granddaughters. After nearly thirty years in pastoral ministry and at the age of 57 I found it necessary to turn my hobby into a revenue-generating enterprise. The story of my journey is one which I pray will encourage someone else who is facing a life and career change in mid life. This book is not intended to be the latest word in business operations but it is a real-life story of what did and didn’t work for me. Practical advice and Something to Think about activities provide thought-provoking hints on moving forward.

I am an author, business writer and a cancer survivor. With no formal training but with trusted mentors, solid faith in God and a determination to succeed, I launched Words of Worth (WOW). Since that day in 2000, the Lord has enabled me to build a successful business. It is with joy that I share the measure of success I’ve experienced with others who may be standing at their own career crossroads.


I have known Linda from her college days and have watched her life as she faced many trials, including her battle with cancer; and yet she has risen above these challenges to make an impact on many lives through her ministry, and also as a successful business woman. She and her husband Ed pastored for a number of years, and even in those years she was reaching out and being involved in the communities where they lived. Though facing these challenges she dared to reach beyond, and developed a career in writing. When circumstances changed and there was need for her to provide for the family, she did what it took to enter the corporate world of writing and business. Her talents and skills have opened many doors of opportunity.

Linda is an excellent communicator whether speaking in public or with the written page. She has lived life and walked the walk to achieve success. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her because of her dedication to good principles and faithfulness in difficult times.

If you are thinking of changing your career or looking for another position within your present employment this book will help you find your way without having to endure many pitfalls and succumb to the obstacles that are bound to come your way. She says,

“Changing careers isn’t for cowards.” She writes, “The reason for changing careers was, for me, simply financial. For thirty years I’d been a stay-at-home mom, pastor’s wife, community volunteer, hobby writer, and a specialist at doing odd jobs for minimum compensation. That all changed suddenly for me. Facing reality, I realized I had no other option but to generate monthly revenue to keep food on the table and gas in the car. As if that wasn’t enough, I faced ongoing health problems as a result of cancer and treatments involved. I am grateful to be alive but, I freely admit, nearly overcome with the challenges before me.”(Introduction page xix)

Reading through the excellent process she presents, it felt like I was in a seminar gaining valuable insights. This is written in a concise manner with personal applications from her experience and she shares lessons that will be effective for anyone. Much of it is good common sense but put into the context of acquiring a new position or a new career this book reveals where many fail to concern themselves with some vital approaches to the business and social environments.

In the development of her own career Linda drew from the resources that many of us overlook or don’t know about; don’t know because we haven’t done the research or taken the time to learn from others by reading and listening.

The book is written under three headings: Section One: Discovering Your Passion; Session Two: Developing Your Plan; Session: Three: Defending Your Priorities

In a hundred pages Linda presents a safe pathway to a new career. She doesn’t make it complicated and intersperses experiences from her journey, giving clear simple steps to follow. She tells us how to find appropriate and reliable resources as well as the right people who have the expertise to help us to success.

As I finished reading this book I thought this would be helpful to so many people in our churches and in our communities. I heartily recommend this book.

Gil Killam

Where to buy the book:

This book is available through: Amazon, Chapters/Indigo

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