Then, There’s Love by Rena Manse

Then, There's Love


Nurse, Ashley McKenny, is pleasantly surprised at the offer to stay at her patient’s home in The Hamptons. But she also harbors bitterness over the news of her mother getting terminated from her job. Taking the Hamptons assignment seems like the only way to help save her family’s finances.

But soon she discovers that the grandson of her patient is none other than the dominant and unnervingly attractive grim reaper of her mother’s career.

Aaron Gilyard, a.k.a. the Grim Reaper, is keeping destructive secrets, but only to protect his empire and the welfare of his grandmother. He never counted on a loose cannon unraveling everything he’s tried so diligently to hold together. Ashley, stubborn, interfering, God-fearing woman that she is, presents a threat to his entire plan. And strangely, the only hope.

It’s a love story gone wrong.
***ADVISORY: Not your typical Christian romance. Edgy romantic content***


“That pains me. Truly.” He stood for a second, and to Ashley’s horror, it must have been to let his spiteful insult sink in as deeply as his penetrating gaze. His lips twitched with satisfaction before he walked away.

“I’ll give you pains, you fascist,” she muttered like a knife to his shoulder blades.

He wheeled round. “Excuse me?”

He heard that? “You don’t know pain ‘till you face it,” she spat. Her brain raced with her pulse to determine if her improv made any sense. But she trudged on to not give him time to think if it hadn’t. “My mother’s job reviews are excellent. She’s kept your Toronto branch solid for years.

“You’ve given her vacations, certificates, keynote speaking engagements, and awards with your name stenciled on them. So they meant what, exactly? It’s worthwhile to train another CFO to take her place? Or is this a short term endeavor to save a few measly bucks next quarter?”

“Sandra McKenny.” He drew out her mother’s name with slow recognition.

He never put the last names together until now? Figures, this man never paid attention to the help. But his bearing had shifted on those two words as he strolled back to stand in front of her, like a boxer gearing up for a fight.

Too angry to have accurately considered her overall situation before now, Ashley’s mind snapped to attention. She should be frightened of an industry magnate with the power to ruin two careers. His thirty-second stretch of silence invoked his intimidation. He must have liked that. Probably fed off the nervous sweat of others.

She fought yielding to the silent tactic as he fleshed her out, and kept her breathing in check as she glared as good as she got. Too soon, her eyes dropped to the expanse in front of her.
Well, it was worth it to look. The broad chest and shoulders at eye level commanded her attention. Arm muscles carved the sleeves of his cotton shirt, and she hadn’t missed how they’d etched his back when he’d moved. He was fit. Racquetball, swimming, running, weights, she could see the arsenal now. But none mightier than his pen.


Rena Manse Profile

Rena Manse is filling in the market for interracial Christian romance, and is passionate about igniting strong emotion through her writing. Thinking outside the box, she is published independently while bringing her work to the next level.

• As an ethnic female, Rena enjoys realistic and relatable characters. She uses everyday multicultural interaction to help form characters’ backgrounds and personalities

• Then, There’s Love debuted in January 2013 in Kindle-only format. Never Like This followed suit in June of 2013.

A lover of all forms of communication, she holds a certificate in copy editing, a Degree in Christian Studies, a Marketing Administration Diploma, and an Advanced I certificate from the Bob Rumble Centre for the Deaf.

Contact interracial romance writer,
Rena Manse
Facebook (Rena Manse – Interracial Christian Romance Writer /


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