Never Like This by Rena Manse

Never Like This

If the boss can’t obey the rules…

Kavin Reigns is known to be a godly, influential exec who runs his family’s conglomerate with precision and integrity. But now forced to add a new member to his team, all the lines he’s drawn to safe-guard his company’s moral integrity—and his heart—begin to blur.

Being a lawyer and a businesswoman, Sherri Harbor still feels inadequate in so many ways. Her mother is a drunk; she’s barely peeking out from the shadows of an abusive relationship; and her connection with God, well, tenuously on the mend.

Self-forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but it’s what it will take for these two to look beyond mistakes of the past to recognize that God answers prayers, and the desires of the heart.

Did they ever imagine they could experience such love and acceptance? Never like this. Never in a million years.


“I’m sorry to bring that up here. I shouldn’t have,” Kavin said.

“You were there for me. You’re the only person who can.” The look of relief relaxing her features held him captive for a few seconds.

He felt the phantom weight of her body leaning against his, and hiked the computer bag higher on his shoulder. “Whenever you want to…talk about it. Come up and see me,” he whispered.

A half smile brushed her lightly glossed lips. Her eyes roamed over the waist-high divider to her coworkers’ desks again. Nervous energy. He liked that, even if it did try to stop him in this ill-advised move he was making. Let her take it as an invitation to come over. Anytime. Sherri lowered her gaze, eyes panning back and forth, lips mashing together in a timid rub. Hmh. So, it’s exactly the message she got.

Behind him shrieking phones went unanswered. His burned palm slid along the wide divider surface, and without giving either of them time to steep in his bold, unacceptable, sexual harassment actions, he interjected business. “Um, I called Bren to set up a meeting for later.”
Nodding, her eyes remained lowered. “Message received.”

He hesitated. I’m sure it was. Nervous but trying to smile, he pushed away, relieved and shamed that he wouldn’t be getting sued. “Okay then.” He kept the weak smile in check as he turned to leave.

“Mr. Reigns.”

Waiving the sting of the verbal back-step, undoubtedly for the benefit of her colleagues, he turned.


The word felt loaded, heavy with the unfinished business between them. What had he started? If she dared accept his invitation, he hoped she knew they’d pick up where they left off in his hotel room. He nodded and continued to the elevators around the corner. Now all he needed to do was get through the rest of the day wishing he hadn’t just crossed the line.


Rena Manse Profile

Rena Manse is filling in the market for interracial Christian romance, and is passionate about igniting strong emotion through her writing. Thinking outside the box, she is published independently while bringing her work to the next level.

• As an ethnic female, Rena enjoys realistic and relatable characters. She uses everyday multicultural interaction to help form characters’ backgrounds and personalities

• Then, There’s Love debuted in January 2013 in Kindle-only format. Never Like This followed suit in June of 2013.

A lover of all forms of communication, she holds a certificate in copy editing, a Degree in Christian Studies, a Marketing Administration Diploma, and an Advanced I certificate from the Bob Rumble Centre for the Deaf.

Contact interracial romance writer,
Rena Manse
Facebook (Rena Manse – Interracial Christian Romance Writer /


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