Mrs. B Has Cancer by Glynis Belec

Mrs B Has Cancer

About Mrs. B Has Cancer:

Tristan has a million questions when he finds out Mrs. B has ovarian cancer.
When he learns about all the tests his tutor has to go through, Tristan starts thinking the worst. Then he gets an idea. Why not surprise Mrs. B with a Cancel Cancer Party? Tristan rounds up his friends to help and soon the big day arrives.

But there is something fishy going on. And Mrs. B is not the only one who is surprised!

An excerpt from Chapter 1 – Mrs. B Has Cancer

School stinks. My name is Tristan and they call me an ADHD kid. Mrs B, my tutor, tells me that ADHD stands for Absolutely Dependable Happy Dreamer. I like that.

I know one thing. Sitting still in my seat all day in school really sucks. There`s too much noise and buzzing from the lights and computers and stuff. And when someone talks to me, I’ve gotta answer. Mr. Sparks, my teacher, doesn’t agree.

I’m not dumb but sometimes I have trouble learning some of the stuff in class. That’s why I have to go to Mrs. B’s.

Mrs. B called last night and Mom talked to her for ages. Today, when I went for my tutoring time, I could tell something was wrong. Mrs. B was smiling, but it was a sad smile, if that’s even possible.

Mom came in with me today. I thought something was weird when she didn’t just drop me off at the door like she usually does. There was a bit of a creepy silence. At first I thought I was in trouble, not sure what for— but both Mom and Mrs. B had that look on their faces. Then Mrs. B spoke.

“I have cancer,” she said, “and I won’t be able to teach you for a while.”

“Cancer?” I looked at Mom.

I was sort of speechless for a second. I don’t know much about cancer. But I do know that my grandpa had cancer and he died. Graham Deeble’s mom had cancer and she died, too. They lived down the road from us. Then after his mom died, he and his dad moved away. I missed hanging out with Graham. Mrs. B used to tutor Graham for a while. I remember how sad she was when she found out about his mom.

My stomach gurgled. Then my tutoring life flashed before me like a YouTube video. I thought about that day when I couldn’t sit still to do my spelling.


Glynis Belec


Glynis Belec, an award-winning freelance writer, columnist, children’s author and private tutor, faces each day with hope and thanksgiving. She rejoices daily and is constantly reminded about looking at the world through child-sized eyes. Glynis began her writing career in 1986 and for eleven years she wrote a slice of life editorial in her local newspaper. Soon her column got picked up by another newspaper and she was sharing her sense of humour and love for the written word with an ever-expanding audience. Glynis enjoys writing people profiles, short stories for audiences of every age and she particularly loves talking to children about writing. She is fascinated by the way people communicate, live out their faith, and make choices and she marvels daily about the way God has opened so many doors for her in her writing career. Glynis loves capturing life in words and can’t wait for tomorrow so she can feel inspired all over again.

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