Lessons of Life and Successful Habits by Ron Millicent

Lessons - Book Cover

Lessons of Life

This book was written as a result of my sister saying one day, “You know that to have lived for over 70 years, we must have learned something!”

That got me thinking:

I was raised in Hawaii – before it was a state; I lived in France for two years as a young man; I have been thrown off a train in Germany in a small town – in the middle of nowhere with no money, and no German language skills; I have been to 16 countries, and about a dozen islands; I taught English on a Greek island for a few weeks – and did so having absolutely no experience as a teacher; and actually had surgeons laughing during a heart procedure.

I have been married for 49 years (same woman – poor soul) and have lived from counting quarters to go to McDonalds – to having meals in Paris, Rome – and Athens – — and then back to McDonalds!

You know, I would have to have been a moron not to learn certain things along the way.
Now, assuming you are younger than I am – the odds are pretty good that you can learn something from my experiences, and rambling. I actually think you can!

You have nothing to lose! Well, $7.00 something, I guess. Heck, you can lose that by buying one greasy hamburger – and a coke that is no good for you anyway.

Give me a shot! I’ll bet you will get some laughs, and – who knows – maybe a little insight.
Go ahead!



A Day at The Hospital

Life experience – somewhat resembling `life’

I looked at the EKG treadmill, and scoffed inwardly. This was going to be a piece of cake – – Then I looked at the nurse who was monitoring the results; She was so gentle and calm, and compassionate looking – I thought nothing bad would ever come from her.

I was ready!

4 Minutes and 8 seconds later – I was gasping on the couch next to the treadmill – much as you see a fish who has just been reeled in – and is flopping on the bottom of the boat.

Then this gentle and compassionate nurse monitor – said, `I don’t like what I am seeing here`. I responded, `……gasp, gasp, I’m not gasp gasp too happy gasp gasp either!

She said don’t move – as if I could, even if I wanted to.

She came back – and sprayed nitroglycerin under my tongue…

Oh.oh ……………

Then, she asked if my wife was in the waiting room – I gasped, `yes`. And then she suggested that my wife come in.

Oh, oh, oh…………..

Than another spray of nitroglycerin – – –

This was not looking good ————

Then, the coupe de grace – she compassionately told my wife and me that an ambulance was dispatched – and I was to be transported to the local hospital; But, don’t worry!!

At the hospital, I was fitted with adhesive monitors – must have been 50 of them!!

They asked if I was comfortable – and I responded that I was — — and then they told me they were going to be transporting me to a Portland hospital.

I responded – NO, I am not going to Portland – under any circumstance.

They replied that the difference was me paying the co-pay for a non-preferred facility (the local hospital) or go to a preferred facility in Portland.

So, I asked – how soon can we get to Portland??

Then, in the ambulance, they attached to me another set of adhesive monitors – –

I made it abundantly clear that I already had the adhesive monitors – but, `……they had their own`….

Rip off the old monitors, put new ones on
Rip – ouch – press on the new one

Rip off the old monitors (ouch) – press on the new ones

Over and over.

Finally, about 2 ½ hours – by my mental clock – we arrived at the Portland facility. I asked why it took 2 ½ hours – and they responded that the ride was about 45 minutes.

Than at the hospital, they wanted to put new adhesive monitors on me – – I told them quite emphatically I already had monitors from the ambulance.

They told me – equally emphatically – they used their own monitors.

Of course they did!

Rip off the old monitors, put new ones on
Rip – ouch – press on the new one

Rip off the old monitors (ouch) – press on the new ones

Over and over.

Then, I was `welcomed` to the Portland facility.

I was told my options were:

1. A stint – if there were only one artery blocked, or
2. Open heart surgery – if more than one main artery was blocked.

I was asked – `what do you think of the alternatives? `

I hated both of them.

Nevertheless – I was going to be `prepped` for the Angiogram. I was asked if I wanted to see a Chaplain.

This was getting worse and worse.

Than a nurse came in and said she had good news – – she said she had received a personal message that there was a nice fellow coming in (me) -and `take care of him`.

Man, I hate that phrase!

I could see a Mafia boss saying to his hit man – `Hey Louie, take care of him`,
God saying to an angel, `Take care of him`.

I never was able to decide which one applied to me.

At any rate, than the nurse said the bad news was she had to shave `my privates`. I told her that we had just met, and shouldn’t we have dinner a few times, and get to know each other a little before –

She: `Get on the Table`
Me: `OK`.

Me: `You know if you turned down the lights a little, and had some music piped in – this wouldn’t be half bad.
She: `Quiet`.

I was asked what my main concern was:

Me: `Pain, Just put me out and wake me when it is all over`.
She: No, they want you awake so they can ask you questions during the procedure.

Me: `Have them ask me now. I’ll tell them all I know`.
She: `I’ll give you some Valium`
Me: `That won’t be enough`

Now, my gurney was being wheeled down the hall – and my poor family was standing against the wall – looking nervous and scared.

I did not want to go out like that – so I made a face, smiled, waved, and blew kisses. They erupted into laughter.

Now – I am in THE ROOM. If you ever wanted to know what a turkey feels like on Thanksgiving – try being wheeled into the Operating Room.

On top of it all, they were all wearing white masks; probably to conceal their identity if something went wrong.
Me: `Hey guys, do you realize that I am still conscious? `
One of the masked individuals: `Don’t worry, we will take care of you`

Drat – that phrase again.

Then another of the masked individuals brought his face close to mine – and said `Don’t worry – we were up all night studying the manual – and we are pretty sure we can do this!!`

Then all went blank. About a day or two later, by my mental clock, I am still there.

Me: `When are you guys going to start? `
One of them: `We are finished`
Me: I must be alive – Good job!

Back in the room – someone was hovering over me with a concerned look- asking how I felt. I responded that I had had terrible, horrible nightmares –

I told them I had dreamt that Obama was elected to a 2nd term.

Some laughter, some silence (My apologies to good Democrats)

Then it was night – and I came to and noticed all the pretty nurses were gone – and in their place was three burly looking `guys`.

Me: `Hey, where are the nurses? `
Them: `Hey bud, we’re the nurses`
Me: `Oh, Crap`

Finally after the restless night, I was released the next day.

A few days later, I received a beautiful Party Invitation card – from the hospital.

I was thrilled, (they liked me), until I noticed that the date had been crossed off.

I eagerly called to accept the invitation –

Me: `I received this invitation, but the date was crossed off – and I can’t tell when it is.
She: `We know – — — ha, ha ——— Click.

Me: Hmmmmm!
Dance Lightly with Life
Today is your day to dance lightly with life,
Sing wild songs of adventure
Soar your Spirit
Unfurl your joy
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Successful Habits- Cover

Successful Habits

I wrote this book after being dismayed about all the publicity about `The Secret` and various renditions of the Law of Attraction. While completely valid, all the hype was that somehow someone had `discovered` the secrets of life – and for a paltry $99 – $???? They would share these marvelous secrets with you. The promise was that it would change your life.

The truth is – as I see it – that the ` secret ` is really no secret at all. The most ancient writings tell of it – as well as the Bible. Actually the Bible is full of these `secrets’.

You can pick up a Bible for far less than one of these courses will cost!

So, being dismayed at the proliferation of these `clandestine revelations’, I vowed to bring to the surface that what was lacking in our society was not some `covert source’ of information, but rather the application of these principles.

So, this little handbook was born. It goes into the actual application of these beliefs, or laws, and does it with humor and wit. Each page has a saying, or representation of some type, to make the point in that chapter.

And rather than relying on these purported `secrets` – it actually ties the principles to one of the newest branches of science – Quantum Physics. Isn’t that interesting?

You will find that it is a fun read – and a very insightful step-by-step guide for the person who really truly wants to live a fuller life.

There is no hype about becoming a multi-millionaire in the next 90 minutes, but it does provide a program – which can (and should) change your life for the better – in very short order.

Realistically, you will love it – and what it can do for you!




4. Session #1

Yep, the Journey begins here!
Beginning to Lay the Ground Work –

Achieving what you want – whether it be self-aggrandizement, or helping someone, or something – – – – -Isn’t that really our goal in life?

Do you realize that throughout history there have been certain `special` souls who seemed to possess extraordinary powers of the mind and/or spirit – – –

These individuals had discovered the mysteries and secrets of the universal law through contemplation and meditation – – and if you think that that sounds mysterious – just think about your process of solving a problem.

Do you jump into the problem headlong – and try a frontal assault? Or do you realize that in the universe there is a storehouse of accumulated wisdom and knowledge?

Do you therefore – take that problem, or situation, to bed – – – and let your subconscious mind work on it?

If you do, then you already have a start on what we are going to be covering in the next nine sessions, and afterwards, you will be joining the individuals who truly understood.

They were the ones who advised kings and princes – giving inspiration and guidance to those who were ready to accept it, and you will be joining their ranks!!

Unfortunately, this wisdom – this insight – was denied to the masses. This was because they weren’t ready – in the minds of those who did possess the knowledge – to gain access of the huge storehouse of knowledge and power.

Civilization advances – because of the application of this accumulated knowledge.

In this study – we will walk together through the golden arches of history and learn the priceless secrets of the ages – – and when we apply them – we will see the worries and burdens of our lives begin to melt away – –

Isn’t that what we truly want?

And remember, that we are building a foundation. The walls are the beauty of the building, but the foundation is what keeps the walls standing:

 “It is not required that we know all of the details about every stretch of the river. Indeed, were we to know, it would not be an adventure, and I wonder if there would be much point in the journey.”

Ron Millicent



All my life I have been transfixed by human inner relationships; how people react to each other, and how we inner act with ourselves. That perhaps is the most interesting aspect of human behavior.

I am a volunteer working with veterans who are suffering from sort of damage. Usually it is in the form of PTSD. When I look and interact with these folks – both men and women – I picture them as they once were; the very picture of confidence and eagerness and strength. And looking sharp and crisp on the parade ground!

Then I see them in their present condition; beaten, looking for a way to escape the world – and I wonder if we aren’t all like that in some way.

And so I wrote these two books which take the reader on a journey to capture that same enthusiasm that they once had – and somehow lost along the way.

The books are written in a witty, and insightful manner (I hope) – sprinkled with a good dose of humor. It is my hope that the reader will emerge from these little handbooks – a little wiser, and with a little more carefree attitude in his/her heart.


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