Once Upon a Sandbox by C. R. Wilker

Once Upon a Sandbox

About the Book

Whether it’s helping to whitewash a barn when you’re afraid of heights, hoeing endless rows of vegetable plants, or driving a tractor to prepare for spring seeding, there’s plenty of work to be done. Visits with family and friends, trips to the woodlot, baseball games, skating, or a once-yearly trip to the beach provide times of relaxation and fun. Once Upon a Sandbox is a narrative in poetry and prose about life on a family farm in the 50s and 60s.

Book Excerpt

A small boy and the church choir

Wayne was quite young when Mom and Dad started taking him to
church. My parents had always sat in the balcony when we were
small, and they continued to do so, while Wayne sat downstairs
with the Sunday school children and their teachers, until it was
time for them to go to their classes.
One Sunday, everything was going as usual with the service,
and the choir was singing the anthem in the loft at the back of the
church. Mom and Dad sensed people looking at them.
Parishioners looked from them to downstairs, and then back up at
Suspecting it had something to do with Wayne, they peered
over the railing to see what he was up to. To their horror, he was
standing on the seat, facing backwards towards the choir, and
moving his arms as if he were directing them!
Very funny if it’s not your child! Mom and Dad stopped going
to church on a weekly basis as they couldn’t face the
embarrassment and Wayne’s unpredictable shenanigans. Joan says
that after that Sunday, Mom and Dad would take turns, with one
of them staying home with Wayne, and the other taking her and
Kim to church and Sunday school. It’s a story they can laugh about


 About the Author

Carolyn Wilker is a writer, editor, Toastmaster, and creative writing teacher. Inspired by the world and people around her, she writes stories that she often shares in her storytelling and speaking. An avid reader, photographer and gardener, Carolyn also enjoys music and theatre as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Her book, Once Upon a Sandbox, published in 2011 by Hidden Brook Press, was a finalist in the 2012 Canadian Christian Writing Awards. She has had numerous articles, book reviews, poetry and devotions published in regional to international publications. Her book is available from the publisher, Hidden Brook Press (613-475-2368), Amazon.ca, and from the author (cari.edit@rogers.com).



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