Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation by Jay Schabaker

Purposeful Design

About the Book

This book beautifully illustrates the principles of science that operate our world. It explains the elements of designs that make life possible, and compellingly presents evidence of a loving Creator God. Within the framework of the seven days of creation, it explains such concepts as the rain cycle, the importance of vegetation, and the ocean tides. Bible verses are interwoven throughout the book reminding us of God’s hand in creation.

Book Excerpt

Who Made the Cookies?

“Purposeful Design” may be a new phrase to you.
The words, “Intelligent Design” may be more familiar. The phrase, “Intelligent Design” was coined in the year 1993. At that time, a group of five scientists and professors met on the California coast to discuss the possibility that material and living things might have been painstakingly planned and brought about, not by accident, but by design.
But, I feel “Intelligent Design” doesn’t go far enough to explain or describe the awesome benevolent “touch” worked by what I call the “Purposeful Designer” – our Maker – God.
Yes, there is the scientific – and even the “miraculous”, but I’d like to invoke the “personal”, “human touch” to the creation account for you.
It was done for you and me – lovingly and personally!
As the simplest of examples, take the recipe for making cookies and the results. Intelligence was needed. A recipe, with ingredients, and forethought – but also – the “human touch” – yes, – that of the “maker”!
Let’s envision a plate of freshly baked cookies – lovingly created – steaming hot – just starting to cool – on the kitchen counter. And, you cry out, “Who made the cookies?”
Not an abstract accident or occurrence, but someone who loved you very much made them specifically for you – because he or she knew you would love them.
That is the meaning of God’s “Purposeful Design” – just for you and me.

These comments are taken from the book, “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”, Epilogue – Who Made the Cookies? For more on this, please go to the web site http://www.Jayschabacker.com.


About the Author

Jay Schabacker, once part of the Apollo Moon Program, and then founder of a financial investment management firm, now devotes his time to educating children and adults on God’s wonderful and purposeful design of this world – and each of us. His passion includes videos, speaking engagements, and now the new coffee table book, “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”. Jay’s activities over the years have included the chairmanship of Romanian Christian Enterprises helping to bring at risk orphan children out of distress; and the chairmanship of Ken Ham’s 1992 “Back to Genesis” Washington, DC Seminar sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research.

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2 thoughts on “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation by Jay Schabaker

  1. Thanks, Kimberley, for your blog post for my book, “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”. I hope the book is helpful to many. And, if I can do anything for you just give a holler.

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