Cut the Strings by Sharon Cavers and Amy Jackson

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About the Book

Cut The Strings is the true story of a mother who experienced the agony of watching her daughter walk away from everything right and good, ending up in a life of degradation and shame while each of them lived in their own reality.

It is also the story of a daughter’s desperate search for a life of fulfillment and acceptance who found herself instead chained in a prison of emptiness, addictions and despair. Best of all, it is a story about God, the one who relentlessly pursued a willful young woman, protected her life, and sustained a family through it all.


Book Excerpt

Words, it all started with words. Lying to myself, lying about myself, lying about what I had or had not tried. What I did or did not like. Saying things that I knew weren’t right. The Devil unleashed his arrows. I began rationalizing my lies, because, after all, lies are just words not actions. What does it matter if I say I’ve smoked weed? I know I haven’t. Wouldn’t it be much worse if I was getting high? The arrows penetrate, but I leave them there pretending they don’t hurt.

I start thinking that if I do some of the things I’ve lied about then they won’t be lies. The only way to stop the lies is to stop lying and start doing. The wounds from the arrows begin to fester and swell. I justify my actions by telling myself it’s not who I really am. If I have a few drinks every now and them, I’m not a drunk. It just becomes a means to an end, an end of the lies. Isn’t it better to be truthful and misguided for a short time, than to become a lying hypocrite? I mean, if I say I’m doing something I might just as well do it. The poison from the arrows slowly works deeper into the open wound.

It’s not that I don’t know I need to stop; it’s that I don’t remember why I wanted to. I mean, if you’re going to do something you should do it all the way, right? Stop living two lives, pretending to be some good upright person that I’m not. Nobody likes a faker. I validate the garbage in my life by telling myself that it’s just who I am, and who I want to be. The infection spreads into my bloodstream and through my body. Death is imminent.


About the Authors

sharon cavers

Sharon Cavers is a freelance writer, the designer and author of Garden Path Inspirations Greeting Cards, and an avid reader. Early in life she discovered the beauty and power of words. Her poetry, articles, devotionals and short stories have been published both regionally and nationally. Her book CUT THE STRINGS, a book for parents and teens co-authored with her daughter Amy was chosen as a finalist in the 2010 Canadian Christian Writing Awards. They enjoy speaking together as God provides the opportunities, and love to interact with people at book signings where they have wonderful opportunities to share the message of God’s love, grace and forgiveness. In her leisure time Sharon enjoys gardening, photography, music and spending time with her family.


Amy Jackson has been involved with Peterborough Pregnancy Support Services and Post Abortive Recovery Education. She has a passion for horses and spends much of her free time riding. She and her husband have been married six years.



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