One More Time by Armida Schulha

Armida's book Irma Tinus

About the book

A desire for recognition, beauty, and money led June to a life of self-destruction and hatred.  Her ill will extended to Shlomo, her newlywed husband.  It was more than the silk sheets that left a chill in the honeymoon bed.

Shlomo wondered what plans God had for his future and the lovely but spoiled childish lady who had become his wife.  When he heard the voice of Jesus calling him away from his position as rabbi to a sacrificial life of love and obedience, he readily followed. After all, June’s soul and salvation hung in the balance.

Only God could restore what the enemy had stolen but not without dire consequences to everyone.


Book Excerpt

A stairway led down to a dimly lit basement. The musty room was crowded with chairs, and a couple of well-worn sofas were against the far wall with small wooden tables beside each one. The pungent smell caused Shlomo to wrinkle his nose as he glanced around the room. Just as he was about to turn around and climb back up the stairs, he head June’s laughter.  Slowly he walked toward a grimy heavy curtain near the end of the room. He threw back the curtain and gasped.


About the Author

Armida Schulha was born in Mexico, October 1944 and is of Mexican and Spanish descent. Before she was fifteen years of age, she had several short stories published in Mexican periodicals. At eighteen, she married her beloved husband, Art, and made Canada her home.

Armida is an ordained pastor with the United Christian churches of the U.S.A. and with the Apostolic and Prophetic Christian Ministries in Canada. The Lord directed her steps back to her native country, first to serve as a missionary and later to start her own ministry, known as Come To The Waters Ministries International in Canada and Ven a Las Aguas Asociacion Christiana, A.R., in Mexico. For many years, Armida and Art dedicated their time to both ministries, spending half the year in Canada and half in Mexico. Since the passing of Art in 2013, Armida has continued on her own doing the work to which the Lord called her.


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Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministries

Direct from author – Tel: 519-942-9862





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