Living Beyond My Circumstances by Deborah L. Willows

Living Beyond my Circumstances


About the Book

Former Paralympian Deborah L. Willows has led a remarkable life – and continues to do so to this day. When the world said she couldn’t, she said, “Yes, I can.” When the world said she couldn’t, her family said, “Yes, you can.” When the world said she couldn’t, God said, “Yes, you can.” Deb has won many medals, including five at the four Paralympic Games in which she competed. She has also been involved in countless “firsts.” Steph Beth Nickel had the privilege of helping Deb share some of her stories in Living Beyond My Circumstances.


Book Excerpt

The next day I was waiting for the soccer game to begin. My coach had gone to get us some food, and I realized I needed to use the washroom. What could I do? There was no way I could manage on my own, and Vicki would not be back for a while.

My mom. She could take me. She’d done it thousands of times before, but this was different.

“I’m sorry,” said the police officer, “but your mother doesn’t have the proper clearance.”

“Clearance? To take my daughter to the washroom? I’m her mother.”

“Yes, ma’am, but rules are rules.”

I was becoming very uncomfortable. “Isn’t there something we can do?”

“Well,” the officer said, “I could escort you.”

I looked at my mom and she looked at me. She shrugged.

“If it’s the only way . . .” I said.

That was the first and only time I’ve had a police escort to use the washroom.


Deb and Stephanie


About the Authors

Deborah L. Willows has represented Canada numerous times on the world stage in swimming, slalom, wheelchair soccer, and bocci. Deb was the first disabled bocci referee and reffed at the 1992 and 1996 Paralympic Games. Deb has written several articles and speaks in a variety of venues.

Steph Beth Nickel is a freelance writer and editor. She is a member of both The Word Guild and Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. She met Deb through a mutual friend and considers it a great privilege to have helped her fulfill yet another of her dreams.


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