Keir & Myah by Rena Manse


About the Book

After her boyfriend left her high and dry carrying his child—to marry the other woman—nothing hurt more than her own father turning his back. Now guarded, Myah Blake put herself on a permanent man-hiatus. Protecting her heart, and that of her two-year-old son, comes first.

One thing Keir Treasure doesn’t understand is why he alone survived a fatal car crash. The resulting fear of large vehicles, and the constant headaches his doctor insists aren’t there, leave him wondering if his business of operating an auto garage has finally come to an end.

When two lonely lives cross paths, they question if they can make it work. But Keir’s gentle yet firm ways speak to her jilted heart, and Myah’s touch somehow quietens the turmoil in his head.

Can falling for someone be so simple when past pains throw a wrench into the mix? Only God knows, but that’s the question of what happens with Keir and Myah.

(This is a Christian romance)


Book Excerpt

He cradled the phone. “I know where you work, lady. Just for that, I’ll come up and pester you.”

She took long to answer. “I’ll have to think about it, but I should go.”

Think about it? “All right, but you owe me twice now.”

“Twice? For what?”

“I bought you lunch today.”

“Did you miss the part where this is a thank you call?”

“And, I sang for you. That was no freebie, sweetheart.” His eyes popped open, but not because she laughed at his audacity, but because she was making him fall asleep. Wonderful. Instantaneous. Pain free sleep. He didn’t want to think about where his headache had gone. He collapsed to his back to grin at the ceiling. “You’re gonna ratchet up a heap of IOUs. I’ll keep score.”

“Add on that you fixed my car, why don’t you?”

“Done. That’s three.”

“I’m gonna’ hurt you.”

“Hmmm.” His lids drifted closed once again. “Violence gets you everywhere.”

“Are you falling asleep on me?”

“Believe it or not, that’s a huge compliment on your part.”

Her girly grunt made him relax even more. “I’m keeping an eye on you, Treasure.”

“Now we’re talkin’.” His voice came out deep and gravelly, and he didn’t stop it.

She gave him a sharp, “Good night, Keir.”

“Don’t go.”

“Good night.”

“Myah.” The accelerated rise and fall of his chest synchronized with the exhale and breath he heard on the line. It felt like he’d known her for years. Turning to the silent phone, he summoned, “Myah.”

He waited for the breathless, “Yeah.”

In case she missed it the first time. “I am keeping score,” he whispered near sleep. A seriousness had crept into his voice. He brushed it off, heard his own grumble of contentment, and the whisper of a dainty good night before the call ended.

Rena Manse

About the Author

Rena Manse is filling the market for interracial Christian romance, and is passionate about igniting strong emotion through her writing. Thinking outside the box, she is published independently while bringing her work to the next level.

As an ethnic female, Rena enjoys realistic and relatable characters. She uses everyday multicultural interaction to help form characters’ backgrounds and personalities

A lover of all forms of communication, she holds a certificate in copy editing, a Degree in Christian Studies, a Marketing Administration Diploma, and an Advanced I certificate from the Bob Rumble Centre for the Deaf.

She is happy to have a place where all the people who live inside her head can roam free.


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