Raising Benjamin Frog – A Mother’s Journey with her Autistic Son by Lynne Collier

Raising_Benjamin_FrogAbout the Book

The Mother of an Autistic Child takes you on a Journey that Spans 29 Years!

Why, Lord?
Why me?
Why my child?

Benjamin seemed like any other bright, healthy baby boy. He smiled, he giggled and he cried. Yet Benjamin would become like a child lost in a different world.

This book is written to give you a glimpse of my story about being a mother to an autistic child. The words come straight from my heart, from a mother who understands the joys and the challenges of parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum: the struggles and the triumphs, and the special bonds we formed as he was growing up.

Whether the children in your life have been already diagnosed, or are still to be diagnosed, you are not alone on your journey with your child. Our hearts have been touched in special and unique ways by these children who view the things of life a little differently than most.

By God’s grace, may you be richly blessed by what you read.


Book Excerpt

Where do you go to, my Sunshine?

You have the most beautiful blue eyes, my handsome baby boy. Why can’t I see you behind them? Where do you go when your eyes wander away from me?

I hold you in my arms and stroke your tiny face, run my fingers through the yellow strands falling across your brow and I search for a glimpse of soul connection, but you are nowhere to be found.

If I let go of your small hand you’ll run away or you’ll walk in an endless straight line and not care where you’re going. You won’t see the people on the path in front of you or the tree that blocks your way. You won’t run excited to play with the other children on the swings because they’re not there in your world.

We walk by the lake. I point at the birds, gracefully gliding, skimming over the lapping waves. A young puppy barks and, for an instant, I see a puzzled frown on your tiny forehead, then it’s gone.

I show you the delicate, colourful blue petals of the Forget-Me-Not and we stop for a while to listen to the rustling of the birch. But you walk where I walk and stop when I stop only because I hold on tightly to your little fingers so you don’t slide down the bank and disappear. You have no response to these wonders around you.

I tell you how God made all these things. How He loves you and created you as part of His masterpiece too. How you have a purpose in this life and how I’ll do my best as your Mummy to help you find that purpose He has planned for you. But you don’t seem to hear a word. You just stare into the distance.

We walk back on the path and I sing to you “Forever Young.” You don’t sing along or dance in circles around me giggling. But oh how I love you my Sunshine.

Where do you go to, my sweet baby boy, when your eyes wander away from me and you’re lost in your autistic world?


About the Author

Lynne Collier is a certified life coach and lives near Bowmanville, Ontario. She started her career as a pastoral counselling assistant when her son, Benjamin, attended kindergarten. Lynne decided to home-school her son when he was seven. A regular helper in the Alpha ministry, she now coaches and teaches workshops on finding and following God. Lynne also hosts a website for other writers and literary business owners who are Christian.


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