Prayer Never Fails: Especially During Trials by Berney K. Dorton

Prayer never fails


About the Book

Prayer Never Fails: Especially During Trials illustrates captivating stories that enlighten you about life’s problems and God’s response. An uplifting book that will teach you how to pray effectively and wholeheartedly. It amplifies the necessity for a consistent pray life that identify areas of human vulnerability and strength while demonstrating God’s ability to sustain people through trials. It’s primary purpose is to encourage people to consistently engage in a spirit-filled prayer life that will assist them during unforeseen life events.

Book Excerpt

In life, we face a myriad of problems, which ultimately change our perspective and course of action. Sickness, death, financial hardships, and violent events expose human vulnerabilities, powerfully altering many people’s lives. The imminent danger threatens
our well-being and clouds our vision concerning the problem, often leaving us consumed with trepidation and perturbed about the situation.

The crises, however, are never solved by being emotionally distraught, but rather by our ability to face the situation realistically.

Praying to God for answers draw us closer to him relieving anxiety while strengthening our faith.



About the Author

Berney K. Dorton, a native of El Sobrante, California, is married, mother of three grown children, an accomplished Registered Nurse, professor, inspirational speaker, and author. She received a Bachelor of Science degree and Public Health Nursing degree from the University of San Francisco, School of Nursing. Berney excelled academically, receiving a Master of Science degree in Nursing, and Education from the University of Phoenix.

She works diligently with the Good News Jail Ministry in Richmond, California, studies with the Bible Study International Fellowship, and co-founder of the Millennium Women in Richmond, California. Berney is a member of New Birth church, located in Pittsburg, California; under leadership of Bishop Carl Smith. She is an active member of the 24/7 intercessory prayer group. Her recent project is networking with Circle of Love Men ministry blog talk radio program in Houston, Texas under the auspices of Minister Ashton Adams and Minister Winzell Stafford. She hosts the “Flames of Fire women ministry” segment on their blog talk program.


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