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Season’s Blessings for You: A Collection of Christmas Stories


About the book

In the mid-1990’s, Grace K. Chik began a hobby, creating her own greeting cards to give to friends, family and co-workers. In 2002, when she literally had a “creativity-block” for her Christmas cards, she decided to combine two of her hobbies (card-making and creative-writing) together. This has been her style of Christmas cards ever since.

These stories do more than just wish the recipient a ‘Merry Christmas’. They are meant to encourage the reader to be a blessing to others–especially to those who are in need–not only during Christmas, but all year around.

Also included is a bonus unreleased story which, though not set at Christmas, follows the same principle.


Book Excerpt

from the story “Makeover for the Heart”

There was a family of bears who lived in a house at the edge of the woods. Lately, they hadn’t dwelled in comfort and the father wasn’t happy. He paced heavily in the living room.

“Water’s overflowed in the washer! Air conditioner conked out! The plaster on the bathroom ceiling is cracking! I can’t afford to buy a heater and winter’s coming soon! I tried to fix the front door, but it kept falling off the hinges! If it weren’t for that little human with yellow hair, these problems wouldn’t happen! Humans! You can’t trust them! You can never lik them!”

His wife placed her paw on his shoulder. “Now, Ken. The little human didn’t know she’s not supposed to go into someone’s house without permission. Besides, that was three years ago. Our house problem only started three months ago.”

But Ken wouldn’t still his mouth. “Three years! Three months! Who cares about time, Urika? Sooner or later, this house will fall apart and we’ll have nowhere else to go! It’s too expensive to fix everyting and save for our son’s education! the dam isn’t making profit lately, and there hasn’t been enough fish! We may not be able to afford anything for the winter! Why are we cursed? What did that human bring in here?”

Steaming in fury, he headed upstairs.

Their son was playing with his toys nearby. “Mama?”

She walked over to him. “Yes, Otis?”

“Are we living like this because of humans?”

She chuckled, “No, your Papa got this house long before we became a family. Now everthing seems to become old and doesn’t work the way it should.”

“Why is Papa blaming humans?”

“When he’s angry, he needs someone to blame. I guess he can’t forget that day when that little girl came here and ate our breakfast, tried our chairs, and slept inour bedroom. Whenever I look back on that day, I pitied that young human’s lack of proper courtesy. That kept me in good perspective and from unneeded anger.”

“She broke my chair, but Papa built me a new one. I’m okay with that.”

She nodded. “Your kind heart has been your blessing. You never uttered a harsh word.”

She sighed. “If only your Papa could learn a thing or two from you. He’s been grumbling about her ever since that incident.”

“I don’t recall him being pleasant.”

“He did have a few joyful times, but those did not outshine his angry years. I kept telling him he’s been grumbling in his sleep lately.”

“When will Papa be happy again?”

“The sooner the better.”

Grace Chik

About the Author

Grace K. Chik was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. She currently lives in Missisauga, Ontario with her husband, Keng Hon “Tim” Yee. She’s a member of the Canadian Christian writers’ organization, The Word Guild.


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