Do You Know the Names of God? Part II by Paul Muinde

Do you know the names of God


About the Book

Do you know the names of God? God has a personal name. Do you know it? We often use His title and many Christians hardly use His personal name (Yahweh or YHWH). This book is Part 2 of a series of books which are to help you know and experience God more through his revelation in the Hebrew names in the Old Testament. The names were actually used to describe his character and nature.

They are often called the descriptive names of God. God interacted with Abraham’s descendants (the Children of Israel) many times and in different ways. After these encounters the servants of God would get a revelation of God’s nature and use it to address Him e.g. Yahweh Rohi (God is my Shepherd Psalm 23).

By studying and understanding these names we are able to understand God’s nature and character in a deeper way which will help us experience Him daily in a better way as we call Him by His personal name acknowledging His attributes through His character names. This will also enrich our prayers as we call upon God to manifest His nature as portrayed in these names as the Children of Israel did. All this ought to be in the name of Jesus Christ who is the only way to the Father.

The books in this series are interactive with questions to test your knowledge about the names. Answers are at the back of the books. There is also a sample prayer which shows how to use the names in prayer. Some of His better-known compound names are Yahweh Shalom, Yahweh Rapha, Yahweh Ebenezer, Yahweh Rohi, Yahweh Yireh (Jehovah Jireh) and Yahweh Adonai.


 Book Excerpt

(Interactive Quiz answer in Kindle version)

Answer 9B: Congratulations! That is the right answer:

You can read the following portion of scripture about Yahweh Rabah Sakar (phonetic pronunciation: Raw-baw’ Saw-kawr’).

Genesis 15:1 After these things the Word of Jehovah came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your shield and your exceeding great reward. (MKJV)

You can thank God by saying this short prayer:

I thank You Yahweh Rabah-Sakar for being my exceeding great reward. People may not thank me for what I do. I may not even be appreciated for the work I do voluntarily. I know that you are a righteous judge and the rewarder of those who work tirelessly and selflessly for your Kingdom in Jesus name.



Paul Muinde

About the Author

Paul Muinde loves sharing God’s word, singing His praises and sharing His word with others. Paul believes that the body of Christ needs daily edification. Believers should build each other in the faith through reading, studying, meditating and applying God’s word. Believers should also worship God through psalms and spiritual songs and pray always for God’s will to be done on the earth as it is done in Heaven. Paul was a member of the advisory board of a local church for many years where he was better known as Elder Shalom.  He is currently pastoring a local church with his wife Rose in Kitengela, Kenya.

Paul’s other vocation is IT. He has a BSc in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester (UK) and an MSc in Computer Science from University of Sheffield (UK). Paul is in charge of IT at Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya.


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