The Secrets of the Montebellis by Cheryl Colwell




About the Book

Lisa Richards has a dream. And a secret. In league with the clandestine Montebelli Corporation, she grasps her one chance to accomplish her plan to help revive the town her ancestors helped settle. It is a huge undertaking, putting all she holds dear at risk. Including her life.

Sensing her vulnerability, her enemies join forces to seize her inheritance—Fire Mountain. As the Guardian of the mountain, Lisa is privy to secrets that may lead to a fabled cache of precious fire opals, a treasure that could save her dream—if she can find it before she loses the mountain.


Book Excerpt

Tension permeated the elegant living room and solidified between them like a rock wall. Smoldering anger darkened Thomas’ expression. Heart pounding, Lisa Richards forced herself to ignore the familiar warning signs and lifted her chin. “Thomas, I need this. I need to do something that’s important to me.”

He rushed at her. She stumbled back, bumping against the wall. The scornful words he spat burned with intimidation. “I provide all of this.” He backhanded the air, just missing her face. “And this is how you repay me?”

She flinched. Repay you? She wanted to scream the words but his glare withered her courage. Dropping her tearing eyes to the plush carpet, she pretended acquiescence. Why? She wondered if her question was why he acted this way or why she put up with his threats.

A quick glance upward caught a smug smile tugging at his lips. He was enjoying this? Heat advanced up her neck and something snapped. She sensed a deep, internal shift in a place she rarely went. Enough. Her hands clenched in unspoken determination. Right or wrong, she would build her dreams. Secretly. Away from his scrutiny.



About the Author

Passionately interested in all things creative—writing, gardening, art, friendships—I thrive in the inspiring countryside surrounding Ashland, Oregon. Under the theme, Stunning Suspense, I enjoy crafting stories set in stunning locations and filled with heart-stunning suspense, mystery, and romance. In my stories, ordinary people, stretched beyond their limits, find supernatural help when plunged into insurmountable circumstances.

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