One Month of Savings

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Lorilyn Roberts The King Sept. 8

Michelle D. Evans Spiralling out of the Shadow Sept. 9 

Cheryl Colwell Secrets of Montebellis Sept. 10 

Laura J. Davis He Who Has an Ear Sept. 11 

Judy Lair From the Other Side of the Couch Sept. 12 

Krystal Kuehn In Christ, I Am Sept. 13 

Violet James God Restores Sept. 14 

Emma Right Keeper of Reign Sept. 15

Pearl Nsiah-Kumi The Last Train at Sunset Sept. 16 

Randy Kirk God Called He Needs Your Decision Sept. 17 

William Burt The King of the Trees Sept. 18 

Kimberley Payne Women of Strength Sept. 19 

Cheryl Colwell The Proof Sept. 20 

Bonnie Schaefer The Dragon Collector Sept. 21

Jill Richardson Hobbits, You & the Spiritual World Sept. 22 

Dana Rongione Random Ramblings of a Roving Redhead Sept. 23 

Robin Johns Grant Summer’s Winter Sept. 24

Elizabeth Paige He’s Looking for a Bride Sept. 25 

L. Shoshana Rhodes One Lamb Redeemed Sept. 26 

Michelle D. Evans Spiralling Out of Control Sept. 27 

Sharon A. Lavy Deadly Secret Sept. 28 

Lorilyn Roberts Children of Dreams Sept. 29

Dana Rongione Through Many Dangers Sept. 30 

William Burt Torsils in Time Oct. 1 

Laura J. Davis Come to Me Oct. 2 

Kimberley Payne Fit for Faith Oct. 3 

Emma Right Dead Dreams Oct. 4

Val Newton Knowles Everyday Uplifting You Oct. 5 

Elizabeth Paige Boo-hoo Moo Cow Oct. 6

Jill Richardson Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids Oct. 7


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