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About the Book

A single mother must protect her teenage son—from organized crime and from himself.

Carol Daniels thinks she out-ran her enemies, until a detective arrives at her door with a warning from her convict brother. Minor incidents take on a sinister meaning. An anonymous phone call warns her not to hide again.

Now she must cooperate with a drug lord while the police work to trap him. Carol has always handled crisis alone, but this one might break her. Late-night deejay Joey Hill offers friendship and moral support. Can she trust him? One thing’s certain. She can’t risk prayer.


Book Excerpt

Excerpt from chapter 1 of Secrets and Lies (Redemption’s Edge #2)

Carol jolted upright, eyes wide in the dark. She searched for familiar touchstones to pull her back to reality. The faint light outlining her bedroom curtains. The red digits on her clock radio, mocking her with the hours left until dawn. The two dark rectangles on her bureau — Paul’s and Keith’s school photos.

Her hands ached. It took a conscious act of will to release her two-fisted grip on the sheets.


The afterimages of Carol’s dream burned in her imagination. Her sixteen-year-old son, larger than life on a brightly-lit stage, arms raised to embrace the crowd’s cheers, electric guitar draped low across his hips. An oversized brown leather jacket hung open over his faded T-shirt and jeans.

Carol knew that jacket. Butter-soft Italian calfskin, steeped in beer and Old Spice, nicked and scraped here and there and with a cigarette burn inside the left cuff.

Skip’s jacket. Paul’s father’s.

In her dream she’d stood beside her son, but Paul only had eyes for his fans. An almost palpable energy radiated from his body — the same power trip that took Skip whenever he performed. With the same cost to those who loved him.

The cheering swelled. Paul swung his guitar in a move that knocked Carol off the stage.

She’d awakened from a panicked sense of free-fall. Her heart slowed, each beat heavy, sodden. Hopeless.

Carol pushed sweaty bangs off her forehead. Breathe. Slowly. Deeply. Dreams died in the waking.

The dog stood like a shadow at her bedside. He gave another low whine and licked her arm.


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About the Author

Janet Sketchley is the author of Heaven’s Prey and Secrets and Lies, two novels of suspense and redemption. She also blogs about faith and books. Janet loves adventure stories, worship music, tea and Formula 1 racing. Like Carol in Secrets and Lies, she loves music and tea. Unlike Carol, Janet isn’t related to a dangerous offender, has a happy home life, and has never been threatened by a drug lord. May those tidbits continue to hold true!


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