New Canadian Anthology – A Taste of Hot Apple Cider

A Taste of HAC

New Canadian Anthology

A Taste of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Encourage and Inspire

Just in time for Christmas, Canadian publisher That’s Life! Communications is releasing a heart-warming new anthology, A Taste of Hot Apple Cider. Fifteen writers from across Canada survived a rigorous competition to be included in this Canadian anthology, third in a series of books designed to offer encouragement and inspiration to readers who know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed.

These days, even choosing between two good things can be stressful. It helps to know we’re not alone.

While another person can’t always be there, the Hot Apple Cider series of books offers a safe haven where readers can spend a few moments gathering energy for the rest of the day.

The books in the Hot Apple Cider series are neither preachy nor sentimental. Instead, they reassure readers that no matter how bad things might get, God is still at work in our world; that good will come out of our struggles; and that every person matters.

A Taste of Hot Apple Cider is sold in both print and digital format. Discussion Questions allow individuals, small groups, or book clubs to go deeper into the stories.

In the foreword, British Columbia author and speaker Grace Fox says, “Through poems, fiction, and nonfiction alike, [the writers] remind readers that the struggles we face are common to everyone. Their honest descriptions of wrestling with cancer, caring for and losing aging parents, dealing with a spouse’s dementia, moving beyond one’s fear to tell neighbours about Jesus, and more, show us that hope is very much alive.”

“I consider it a privilege to work with these writers,” says editor and publisher N. J. Lindquist, from Markham, ON. “Sometimes when I’m in editing mode, I have to stop and shake my head. Here I am worrying about pacing and punctuation and urging them to ‘show not tell,’ and all the while I’m working with raw pieces of the writers’ hearts—events and experiences and dreams that mean everything to them. I feel honoured that they trust me to help them share their stories with others.”

That’s Life! Communications is a niche publisher committed to finding innovative ways to produce quality books written by Canadians with a Christian faith perspective.
Book Details
Book Title: A Taste of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Encourage and Inspire
Edited by N. J. Lindquist
ISBN: 978-1-927692-12-7 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-927692-13-4 (digital)
Inspiration, Christian life, Relationships, Gift books, Canadian authors
160 pages, size 5.5″ x 8.5″, Trade Paperback
The print book sells for less than $10
The digital book sells for $0.99
Digital book release date is November 15, 2015
The print book should be in stores by December 1st, 2015
Distributed in Canada by Foundation Distributing, Inc. and in the United States by STL, Ingram, etc.


The Writers

A. A. Adourian, Scarborough, Ontario
Glynis M. Belec, Drayton, Ontario
Vilma Blenman, Pickering, Ontario
Angelina Fast-Vlaar, St. Catharines, Ontario
Donna Fawcett, St. Marys, Ontario
Keturah Harris, Guelph, Ontario
David Kitz, Orleans, Ontario
N. J. Lindquist, Markham, Ontario
Heather McGillivray-Seers, Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec
Heidi McLaughlin, Westbank, British Columbia
Dorene Meyer, Norway House, Manitoba
Ruth Smith Meyer, Ailsa Craig, Ontario
Kimberley Payne, Millbrook, Ontario
Don Ranney, Arthur, Ontario
Carmen Wittmeier, Calgary, Alberta

Hot Apple Cider books

The first two books in this ground-breaking series, Hot Apple Cider and A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, introduced readers to excellent writing by Canadian writers who are Christian. Together they have nearly 90,000 copies in circulation. They’ve also won a number of awards, including a number of individual The Word Awards and the Christian Small Publishers Gift Book Award.
The books have separate Discussion Guides for use by individuals, small groups, or book clubs.

To date, the series has featured work by 60 Canadian writers.

A Taste of Hot Apple Cider is actually intended to be an introduction to the other, larger books. The 16 short pieces—each of which contains a complete story—make it easy for readers to pick up the book and read something satisfying and uplifting when taking a break from their busy schedules.
The fourth book, Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon, will be published in 2015.


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