Christmas Giving – Buy a Book, Author Donates to Good Cause

Christmas Giving

Buy a Book and Author will Donate to a Good Cause


Trees of the book support TTTSupport Twende – Team Tanzania

Mark and Donna Haug will serve the Bible College and denomination in teaching, administration, and curriculum design. They’ll partner with local leaders and, after doing research on the health of the church, will develop a strategic plan for planting churches in Tanzania. Lastly, their mission will be to equip and encourage national leaders to assume their rightful responsibilities.

Visit Twende – Team Tanzania where you can read about their adventures, pray for them, and donate to their mission.

For every “Trees of the Book” book that is sold in the month of December,

the author will donate 10% to this mission.

Join in supporting Twende – Team Tanzania.



Fit for Faith support WACSupport Water Ambassadors Canada

Dirty drinking water is the world’s leading cause of disease and death. But it’s the easiest to fix. Water Ambassadors Canada is a faith based, non profit registered Canadian charity that takes teams to drill/repair wells, set up water purification systems, distribute water filters and teach health and hygiene. You can learn more about them on their website.

For every “Fit for Faith” book that is sold in the month of December,

the author will donate 10% to this mission,

Join in supporting Water Ambassadors Canada.


Give generously this Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas!!


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