The Kingdom by Benjamin T. Collier

The Kingdom. Marketing Image

About the Book

The kingdom of Allandor, once ruled by a noble king who vanished years ago, now lies in the hands of a corrupt steward. In her chambers, Princess Nevaeh, daughter of the king and heir to the throne, waits endlessly for a man whose heart is noble enough to take back the kingdom with her, but no such man can be found. In the dead of night, an unlikely invader into the kingdom sets events in motion which could alter the fate of the kingdom forever.

Book Excerpt

“All I…wanted from the start was one man who would come to me in these presentations with no gold, no decorations, no titles or beasts or things – just himself… They all feel like they have to prove their worth, prove they’re worthy of the throne. None of these men really want me…They want the kingdom. They want the paradise and the glory. None of them care about the one who provides it. It’s the kingdom whose approval they seek, not mine. That’s why they come to me, as though I judge things and actions rather than people.”


About the Author

Benjamin T. Collier has been writing science fiction and fantasy stories since childhood, and writing novels since the age of nineteen. He was born with severe autism, and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (or High-Functioning Autism) at the age of seven. He grew up in a Christian family and has been actively involved in the church community through the Alpha ministry and leading and helping in small groups. He is an avid gamer and a fan of sci-fi and fantasy tales. Benjamin has always had a unique way of looking at things, and on his blog, he writes about spirituality, autism, pop culture, and often reviews television and films. Benjamin currently lives in Southern Ontario in a house surrounded by God’s wilderness.

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