Organized Obstacles – An Underdog Anthology

Organized Obstacles

About the Book

Organized Obstacles: An Underdog Anthology is a collection of stories written by people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – they have felt like underdogs at some time in their lives. Yet they have been able to overcome the odds to become successful authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, musicians, and community leaders. This book proves that sometimes obstacles have been organized for opportunity!

Sally Meadows is one of the authors and the only Canadian who contributed to this book. She is in great company – some of the other contributors are New York Times and Amazon bestselling authors. The authors document overcoming a wide range of challenges, from poverty to serious illnesses to financial and personal loss; from bankruptcy to bullying to unjust imprisonment; from losing a leg in a car accident to spousal abuse and more.

When we experience difficult things in our lives, they either break us, or make us stronger. If you need inspiration in overcoming your own challenging circumstances, look no further than Organized Obstacles: An Underdog Anthology.

Excerpt from “Choosing to Praise” by Sally Meadows

“It took falling in love, getting married, two babies, and a move across the country before I sang and played music publicly. My husband, who is a drummer, and I started to do music ministry together. Like everything else I have tackled in my life, my desire was to do the very best I could with the gifts God had given me

I was thrilled to finally follow my calling after honing my craft in solitude for so many years. However, I was unprepared to witness – and be the target of – some of the worst human behaviors I have ever seen, shockingly under the umbrella of Christian ministry.”


Sally Meadows is a two-time national award nominated singer/songwriter, author, educator, and speaker who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her children’s picture book “The Two Trees” releases April 2015. Sally is a contributor to the #1 bestselling book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada” (2014) as well as the internationally published “Organized Obstacles: An Underdog Anthology” (2014). Sally has released two CDs, Red & White (2013) and “Turn the Page” (2012), both of which contain songs that were shortlisted for The Word Awards, Canada’s largest and most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective.

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Organized Obstacles


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