Letting God Happen by Barbara Cramer Crouse

 Letting God Happen

About the Book

Martha Cramer is bleeding to death, but fights passionately for her right to refuse a simple surgical procedure that could save her life. This book, written by her daughter, is a true account of how Christian friends and family responded to the situation, and how they all encountered many surprises along the way! Anyone interested in learning more about the power of prayer will find this story not only engaging, but also informative and perhaps helpful to his/her own spiritual journey.

Book Excerpt


Trusting, No Matter What

It was Monday night.  No, actually it was Tuesday…2:00 o’clock in the morning…and I was bringing my mother home to die.

To die?

That sounded pretty final.

I moved my right arm so I could reach behind me somewhat as I drove.  If I stretched at just the right angle I could caress her hair with my fingertips as she lay on an air mattress in the back of my Plymouth Voyager.  She seemed to be fairly comfortable, at least for the moment.  My eyes were moist as I watched the light from the headlamps play over the road ahead.

“I want Jesus to be glorified at my funeral.”  Her little voice broke in where my thoughts left off.

“Oh definitely.  He will be.  You know that.”

“Yes, I know…”  Her volume faded away.  An aura of peace pervaded the car and, as I continued to drive on the gravel lane that led to her house, I knew she was content.  That’s all that mattered I guess.  She was dying and her greatest desire was to be at home, not in the hospital.  She wanted to just go peacefully with her family around her.  I could certainly understand that.

I always knew she would die someday Lord, but somehow I didn’t think it would be like this.

This was a rough time for her, just one more of many in her life.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to handle whatever the future thrust upon us now though, much less accept it–circumstances being what they were.

And poor Daddy.  My heart went out to him.  Right now he was driving by himself; I could see his car’s tail lights in front of me as he led the way from the hospital to their home–a beautiful 200 year old two-story log house that he’d renovated.  He probably hadn’t slept much during the past four or five days of crisis, and I knew he had thoughts of his own as our little caravan glided–or rather, bumped–through the woods.  A friend followed me in his van and had been kind enough to volunteer to help us get Mom home and comfortable.  I wonder if he knew how much that meant to us?  I looked at the darkness of the surrounding wooded hills and breathed a sigh of gratefulness.

Thank You Father for sending Michael along to travel with us.  And, Lord, be close to Daddy as he drives too.

Our three vehicles rounded a corner and suddenly we burst into the clearing.  Mom and Daddy’s huge house loomed into view in the moonlight and, once again, I discovered a little catch in my throat.  How different to come visit this awesome place under the present circumstances!  How the Lord had directed my parents to move to this lovely part of the state eight years ago was a story in itself…

My reverie was interrupted.

“Barbara.”  Her voice was so small, so weak.  “You’ve been such a wonderful daughter.”

“And you’ve been a wonderful, godly mother.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She sighed deeply and I wondered for a moment if she was gone.

“Do you have peace now Mom?”

“Oh yes.  I’m really thankful…”

Sleep dear one.  You certainly deserve that peace.  I reached back and stroked her forehead as best I could but the road was getting bouncier and I needed to keep both hands on the wheel.


About the Author

Barbara Cramer Crouse, a native of Lancaster PA, has been in the performing arts all her life. At present she is Principal Harp/Organist with the Lebanon (OH) Symphony Orchestra and has been rehearsal accompanist for the Lebanon Symphony Chorus since its founding in 1991.

Writing has been her joy since childhood; in 1976 she earned a diploma from The Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut and began freelancing in earnest. Since then she has written many essays and short stories, and a number of her articles have appeared in religious periodicals. A member of the Christian Writers Fellowship International, (now online as Writers in Christian Fellowship) since 1979, she tries to stay in touch with current writing trends. This is her first book. She has also written a novella for young adults entitled “The Whole Summer to Practice!”

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