While Princesses Sleep by Emma Right


About the Book

While Princesses Sleep: Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure, Book 1 (Princess Castle Adventure Mystery series)
The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure is an eight-book series about two princess sisters, Elle age 12, and Belle, 10.

For a limited time, you can get a taste of the series by getting the first book free here.

While Princesses Sleep opens with the Princess Elle discovering a strange sound in the night. Curious, she determines the reason for these mysterious noises and starts the adventure with her sister, Belle. Something is afoot at the castle and they must find out what this is. However, finding the truth behind the secrets they stumble upon leads them to strange answers? What sort of trouble will the princesses get themselves into?

For readers six to eleven, the first book, While Princesses Sleep, diaries the adventures of the two princesses. The mystery culminates in Book 8.

Having homeschooled  children and being around little girls who loved ballet and all things “princessey” Ms. Right thought of coming up with a full-color illustrated series that ties in historical adventure with mystery and lots of beautiful images of gowns and flowers–what most girls would love. The series also serves to introduce the readers to masterpiece artwork found in museums.

Written from a first person point of view — similar to a “princess diary” type book– the series also introduced to the world of ballet. The spin-off series (coming soon) will deal more with ballerinas and classical ballet stories.

Each full color book tells of the princesses’ daily adventure living in the castle. I hope the children and their parents/teachers will enjoy the art masters featured in the books.

Other books in the series:
The Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure Mystery series
1. While Princesses Sleep
2. Beaded Dresses Mystery
3. Lady With The Circlet
4. Secret Mission Princess
5. Pretty Scary Lady
6. Down With The Crown
7. Peasant Princesses
8. Princess Rewards
Beautiful Ballerina series
Beautiful Ballerina Gift Book

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About the Author

Emma Right is a multiple Award Winning and Amazon Kindle Best Seller author, and a homeschooling teacher/mother of five–her eldest is already happily married (phew!) living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA.

In a past life (before children came along) she was a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for my ads.

Emma Right writes stories for (YA) young adults, (15-18), Middle Graders (11-15) and Elementary readers.

Her stories explore these themes in various degrees:

Importance of Choices
Moral living
Family values

She hopes you find her stories rich and engaging.

Please head to her website to collect free books each month, and postcards and bookmarks–limited time offer.

Buy the Book

Emma Right’s Website


4 thoughts on “While Princesses Sleep by Emma Right

  1. After reading this I wish my daughter was little again. Maybe grandkids are not too far off in the future. I guess I could plan ahead. Wonderful post. Emma, you’re amazing!!

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