Whose Apple is it, Anyway! by Linda F. Williams, MSW

Whose Apple is it

About the Book

Described as The Battlefield of the Mind meets The Purpose Driven Life, against a backdrop of the Master Plan, “Whose Apple is it Anyway!” pulls it all together equipping readers with two powerful tools to side step enemy mind-fields, reclaim enemy territory and realign themselves with destiny. In her own unique voice, the author tells a story of emotional and physical abuse, rape, divorce and a 17-year marriage to a man who was later convicted as a sexual predator. Readers embark upon a profound voyage along a trail of heartbreak and laughter; tears and triumph, as they are guided along the author’s own journey to wholeness and healing.
New Millennium Relevance

This is not your grandparents’ self-help book. This is real talk for real people in a real world. The book’s rubber-meets-the-road perspective brings new millennium relevance as readers discover why what we have been taught about our “flesh” is off-focus, why the soul is the prime target, and why the mind is the battlefield.
This inspirational book reveals how to wield the one sure-fire weapon we have had in our possession all along and gain the skill to leverage it to side step enemy mind-fields devised to redirect focus and sidetrack destiny. Learn to recognize, root out, and overcome the hindrances that keep us unmercifully chained to the past.

Secret Revealed!

  • Discover the subtle secret Eve overlooked in the Garden of Eden and how the enemy has used the same old strategy to steal focus and usurp vision. You’ll gain the tools to recognize, root out, and leverage it toward achieving your vision.
  • Learn to avoid the perpetual mistake Adam and Eve made after eating the forbidden fruit.
  • See what’s at the core of why Israel was turned back at their Border of Destiny. Discover what they carried out of Egypt that held them captive to a total eclipse of the mind that landed them within arm’s reach of a dream they couldn’t see. You’ll gain the insight to avoid this destiny-destroying pitfall.
  • Learn how to leverage adversity and redirect purpose by increasing your Appletude (Emotional Aptitude), leveraging the APPLE Inventory and activating the FRUITS Philosophy for destiny-driven results that are based in mission and purpose.

Readers will discover their own Paths of Purpose and achieve the healing and empowerment it takes to realize their God-ordained destiny.

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Book Excerpt

Tough Girl

I went around for years with a chip on my shoulder everybody saw but me. I had endured so much. I was so caught up in denial I never saw any of it coming. Each blind-siding event dimmed my focus a little more. Rather than embrace my sensitivity, I considered it a character flaw. I decided to protect myself at all cost, never realizing that the very essence of who I am was at stake. After years of one emotional defense mechanism after the other, honest soul searching revealed that, in the interest of self- protection, I had completely disconnected from the things God instilled in me, everything I am at His creative hands. Everything I need to be to realize my purpose, mission, and destiny — all that represents my spiritual birthright, my tool kit. Without it I could never reach my destiny.

I was affected by a long list of hurtful life experiences, from emotional breakdowns to rape to abortion to heartrending grief over being separated from my children. By the age of twenty-two, I had been a victim of domestic violence in my first marriage. After that I married a liar, drug addict, child molester, and rapist. No, that is not four different husbands; that’s just my second husband.

I’ll spare you the clown parade in between. Let’s just say it didn’t get any better because I kept right on fishing in the idiot barrel. The whole time I was indignant, hurt, and misunderstood after yet another disappointment, failed relationship, or trauma. I was stuck in some kind of God-forsaken holding pattern. In response I took on a tough-girl persona that kept everybody at bay. I just didn’t care. But then I had the nerve to wonder why some people wanted nothing to do with me, why others related to me combatively, and why I kept drawing the wrong people into my life.

Meanwhile I was clueless at the helm as Tough Girl insidiously, gradually, progressively, and without my knowledge became entrenched. The more reality slapped me in the face, the deeper Tough Girl dug in. That persona took no prisoners where her survival was concerned, and it was no holds barred when it came to calling out the denial forces to back her up.

One day I was complaining to a couple of coworkers about yet another knucklehead I had met. Who knows, it might have been that time when I pulled a blade on some dude in a club for calling me an ugly name because I didn’t want to dance with him.

“Why do I keep attracting guys like that?” I asked. I wasn’t ready for such a quick response: “Because that’s how you carry yourself.”

Oh, boy. That felt like a truthful slap in the face. I knew there was something to it, but it would be decades before that truth caught up with me. It took years to figure out that the same compassion and sensitivity that got me into trouble were treasures, not liabilities. Once I did, I decided they should not be wasted on just anybody.

But to get there I needed to make better choices, and my whole outlook was so distorted it was mutating my true persona. Rather than accept that everybody walking the earth is not capable of comprehending, appreciating, embracing, or reciprocating  my  values,  I  just  decided  not to care. I turned my back on myself in the process, and there I was some thirty years later, separated from my second husband and on the verge of bankruptcy, homelessness, and another nervous breakdown.

It wasn’t a stretch to decide to ask myself some serious questions: Why did I keep choosing wrong relationships? Do they feel “safer” to me? What was it that caused me to feel I didn’t deserve any better?

Meanwhile, as I sat there that day with my baby sister, Joyce Meyer’s words echoed through a canyon of emptiness: “How long are you going to keep on going around that same old mountain?” Only I wasn’t one of the children of Israel; I was Moses — the guy who spent forty years on the back side of the desert before he spent forty years roaming through it again.

I had a decision to make if I was going to finally end the vicious cycle. Circumstances were screaming in my face that I had better do something differently. As my decision went, so would the rest of my life. Time was of the essences. I’d passed spring chicken stage a few barns back, and I wasn’t even in sight of my Border of Destiny. Although Moses was denied admission to the Promised Land, at least he did get a glimpse of it. The way I was going, I wasn’t even going to see mine.

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About the Author

Founder and CEO of Whose Apple Empowerment Center, Linda F. Williams has a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership from Calvin College; a Masters of Social Work (Clinical/Macro) from Western Michigan University; and Graduate Certification in Substance and Alcohol Abuse. She is a doctoral candidate at The Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Capella University. She is also a former Professor of Human Services.

Prior to scholarly research as a doctoral candidate in Criminal Justice, Ms. Williams’ undergraduate thesis lead to a partnership between Hope Network and Prison Fellowship in implementing the program closely modeled after her thesis. She subsequently focused on ex-offender reintegration with an emphasis on the special needs of female offenders. Her current studies will develop a progressive purpose-based curriculum for female offenders reentering society after engagement with the prison system.

Ms. Williams’ clinical philosophy holistically combines psychological, physiological, and spiritual implications of the Proverb that says that as a man thinks, so is that man.  She has the insight to recognize how traumatic histories and other painful experiences lead to self-defeating behaviors that can mutate our God-given character traits; and immobilize purpose by locking down our talents, skills, and abilities.

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