Shaded Light – The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife by J. A. Menzies


Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife

A Paul Manziuk & Jacquie Ryan Mystery

The first book in a classic police procedural series of traditional whodunits set in contemporary Toronto.

The ebook is currently FREE everywhere.

About the Book

It’s a muggy July weekend in Toronto, and after hitting a dead end in tracking down a serial killer, Homicide Inspector Paul Manziuk wants nothing more than a few days rest so he can came back with fresh eyes.

Constable Jacqueline Ryan believes she owes her promotion to the Homicide Squad to being a black woman, and that she’ll have a better chance of proving her worth if she doesn’t have to work with the no-nonsense Manziuk. But fate is conspiring against both of them.

Ellen Brodie had intended to have an intimate weekend house party with a little matchmaking to find her son a suitable partner. But Ellen’s plans go sadly awry when her lawyer husband invites his junior partners and their wives, and their son brings along his roommate, a well-known ladies’ man.

Jillian Martin, the spoiled young wife of one of George’s partners, looks forward to being the center of attention at the house party, but not in the way it turns out.

Manziuk and Ryan are given the case, and it isn’t long before Manziuk feels he’s been thrust into an Agatha Christie novel where everyone has a motive and it’s necessary to sort through numerous baffling clues and conflicting alibis to find the truth.

Book Excerpt

“You self-righteous liar! But then you never think of anyone but yourself!”

As Peter Martin stepped into the front hallway of his penthouse in an exclusive residential area of downtown Toronto, he was surprised to hear his wife’s angry voice. The voice he’d been hearing a lot lately. The one he hadn’t realized she possessed until several months ago. But this time she wasn’t speaking to him.

He’d come home early from the office to pack for their weekend trip, expecting to find his young wife in the midst of deciding what clothes she should take to dazzle their friends. Instead, she appeared to be telling someone off. Unless by some miracle she was annoyed with herself. “Yeah, right,” Peter said softly.

“But, Jillian, I wrote you weeks ago, and I asked you to let me know if this weekend wasn’t convenient.” The answering voice was soft and apologetic. Peter recognized it as belonging to his wife’s older sister, Shauna.

Peter crossed the tiny front hallway into the living room.

Jillian Martin, Peter’s wife, was seated on the sofa. Tone-on-tone embroidered ivory cushions served as a perfect backdrop for her flowing golden hair and tangerine lounging pajamas. As was inevitable when Peter saw her, he found his eyes caught and held by the smoothness of her tanned skin and the perfection of her delicate features.

But today he had to shift his glance to Shauna, Jillian’s opposite—tall, gangly, mousy-haired, and pale—standing awkwardly before Jillian like a child on the carpet, her hands clasped, shoulders hunched. The small suitcase at her feet only served to make her position even more embarrassing….

J  A  Menzies with bookcase small


About the Author

 J. A. Menzies is the author of the Paul Manziuk and Jacquie Ryan Mysteries, a classic police procedurals series of traditional whodunits set in contemporary Toronto. The series characters are Paul Manziuk, a father of three who joined the police force out of high school, and twenty-eight year-old Jacqueline Ryan, a Jamaican-born woman with an MA in criminology and an attitude. The books include Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife, Glitter of Diamonds: The Case of the Reckless Radio Host, and Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman. J. A. Menzies, who has also written a number of short stories, is the alter ego of award-winning author and speaker N. J. Lindquist, who lives in Markham, Ontario.

Visit her website.

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